An All-Encompassing Guide to Reset Comfast WiFi Extender

An All-Encompassing Guide to Reset Comfast WiFi Extender

This article details the steps required to do factory reset on a Comfast WiFi range extender. Indeed, Comfast has built a broad array of WiFi range extenders. It's common for them to have a "reset to factory settings" button. If you hit this, all of your preferences will be reset to their default values. It resets the Comfast range extender to its original settings. When you do a factory reset, your device's settings will return to their original factory defaults. If your Comfast WiFi range extender starts acting funny, try resetting it to its original settings.

In this article, we provide a straightforward procedure for resetting a Comfast WiFi range extender to factory settings. Most issues with these WiFi network extenders should be resolved by performing a reset on the Comfast extender. So, let’s get started and learn how to reset Comfast WiFi extender.

Steps to Reset Comfast Extender

  1. Locate a Reliable Source of AC Current

In no circumstances should power be interrupted during the hard reset.. Because doing so threatens the integrity of the extender's storage or the firmware. This means the WiFi extender may not power on after being reset. Thus, it is recommended that you connect your WiFi booster straight into a suitable and non switched AC wall outlet. To avoid potential danger, avoid using an extension cable. This prevents the loose and patchy connections frequently observed in inexpensive or worn out wires.

  1. Power On Your Comfast WiFi Extender

Wait until the Comfast extender finishes booting before going to the next step. This process might take a few minutes. So, wait patiently till you see that your extender light is stable. However, it does not imply when you are facing the Comfast extender red light issue.

  1. Locate the Reset Button

Find the RESET button on your Comfast WiFi Extender and follow these steps to reset it to factory settings:

  • It's a little button, really.

  • To reset, press and hold the button for a few seconds.

Upon the beginning of Comfast WiFi extender reset, all lights will be out. Once the reset process has begun, you no longer need to hold in the reset button. Again, overuse might cause malfunctions in the button. Only keep it down for as long as necessary to initiate a complete factory reset.

  1. Be Patient

A few minutes may be needed for this. Keep your cool and don't turn off the power to the extender while you reset it. To repeat, it is important not to switch off any network equipment while it is resetting to avoid damaging the device. If that occurs, you may need to have Comfast re-flash the extender for you. If they even have the ability to re flash. Therefore, do it properly the first time. During a factory reset, a WiFi range extender must not be turned off.

As soon as the WiFi booster's indicator lights stop flashing, you may consider the reset to be complete. As an added bonus, following a reset you should be able to access the extender's administrative configuration pages at ap.setup

Sum Up

Your Comfast extender is now prepared for configuration after a reset in any of the usual ways. After resetting your extender to factory settings, you will need to configure it again. It won't do anything to expand networks unless you manually input the WiFi networks you want to use. Set it up on the pages designated for the extender. Also, you are required to assign new Comfast extender login credentials to your device as it has regained its factory default settings.

Here, we are resting our guide to reset your Comfast range extender. It is anticipated that you have successfully reset your Comfast and have gotten rid of whatever problem you were facing. Thanks for reading the post.

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