An informative note on scalp care with natural hair care formulations

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Hairs are a vital part of the body as they define our unique style and looks. Therefore, taking care of the scalp is a must to maintain the luster shine, and strength of hair. Though, in this stressful life, taking care of hair is difficult due to a lack of proper nutrition and a shortage of time. So, there are hair care products that can be used to treat different hair flaws effectively. There are shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, and serums that can provide good care to the scalp. But it is essential that those hair care products do not contain harmful chemicals. Therefore, expert hair care formulations in Punjab are used for developing a myriad range of these personal care products. Look at which scalp care products are developed with hair care formulations below.

Scalp serums

The best hair care always commences with the deep nourishment of the scalp. Therefore, our expertise in developing organic hair care formulations in Punjab enables us to manufacture high-quality scalp scrubs. They contain active ingredients that stay on the skin to nourish the scalp and roots of the hair. We develop formulations for scalp serums which comes in many forms such as:


These scalp nourishment products are stimulated with water and oil-based active ingredients. The water and oil-soluble ingredients are blended together with emulsifiers. They work to lock the moisture in the hairs to prevent them from drying out.

Oil serums

These serums are developed with lipophilic ingredients such as essential oils to deliver the best hair care benefit. They can be applied to the scalp for adding natural moisture, reducing split ends, and adding natural definition to the hair looks.

The natural hair care formulations in Punjab make these hair serums safer and more effective for users. They can treat various scalp problems without causing irritation to the skin of the scalp. Also, these serums can be applied to the scalp before washing the hair. They can be left for 15 to 30 minutes after application before hair washing. For better results, they can be left overnight to wash hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Scalp scrubs

Scrubbing products for the face and body are often known to consumers. But these products are fairly new in the hair care realm. They are great to add to the hair care routine as they are developed with the best hair care formulations in Punjab. They can be used to keep the roots of hairs healthy so can keep them strong and prevent breakage. Moreover, the use of natural ingredients in developing scalp scrubs makes them a safe alternative to harsh chemicals. So, these scrubs can be used for removing dead skin cells from the scalp to prevent instances of dandruff and inflammation. The plant-based exfoliating agents of scalp scrubs offer great results as they are derived from jojoba beads, dried plants, salt, sugar, and pearls. Scrub treatment for the scalp is applied on the wet scalp and one can rinse off it with water after a gentle massage on the head.

To sum up

Making products for scalp treatment is not as easy as it might seem. The process of developing those products required careful development and implementation of organic hair care formulations in Punjab. At Dermasist Innovation Lab, we offer our best creations in the form of safe and natural hair care products. Thus, you can consult us for developing a specific hair care line for your brand to enhance your customer base.

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