An Introduction of Binary Counter HEF4520BP,652

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An Introduction of Binary Counter HEF4520BP,652

General Description 


The HEF4520B is a twin 4-bit binary counter with internal synchronization. The counter features active HIGH and LOW clock inputs, as well as buffered outputs from all four-bit locations (nQ0 to nQ3) and an active HIGH overriding asynchronous master reset input (NMR).


If nCP1 is HIGH, the counter advances on the LOW-to-HIGH transition of the nCP0 input; if nCP0 is LOW, the counter advances on the HIGH-to-LOW transition of the nCP1 input. The clock input to the counter can be either nCP0 or nCP1, while the other clock input can be utilized as a clock enable input. The clock input is particularly tolerant of slower clock rise and fall times because Schmitt triggers action.  Independent of nCP0 and nCP1, a HIGH on NMR resets the counter (nQ0 to nQ3 = LOW). It works with a suggested VDD power supply range of 3 V to 15 V, with VSS as the reference voltage (usually ground). VDD, VSS, or another input must be linked to unused inputs.




  • Slow clock rise and fall times are tolerated.

  • The operation is completely static.

  • Parametric ratings of 5 V, 10 V, and 15 V

  • Output characteristics that are symmetrically standardized

  • Temperatures range from 40°C to +85°C.

  • Conforms to the JEDEC specification. 13-B JESD




The devices Can be used for timing generators, frequency dividers, instruction counters, etc. on computers.


Pin Configuration





Block Diagram







· Technical

· Operating Temperature--40°C~85°C

· Series-4000B

· Subcategory-Counters

· Technology-CMOS

· Voltage - Supply-4.5V~15.5V

· Terminal Position-DUAL

· Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel)-260

· Supply Voltage-5V

· Supply Voltage-Max (Vsup)-15V

· Power Supplies-5/15V

· Supply Voltage-Min (Vsup)-3V

· Max [email protected]m-Sup-8000000Hz

· Count Rate-40MHz



How to Use


Use binary integrated circuit CD4040 to make electronic potentiometers. Each pin function of CD4040 integrated circuit. The potential can have 4096 steps. For example, if the voltage is 4.096V, there are 1,000 1mV variable carry gears per volt, and each carries 1 digit increases by 1mV. The circuit binary digits 0 to 11 have the least high resistance. For example, the 11th place is 50kΩ, the 10th place is 100kΩ, the 9th place is 200kΩ, the 8th place is 400kΩ, the 7th place is 800kΩ, the 6th place is 1.6MΩ, the 5th place is 3.2MΩ, the 4th place is 6.4MΩ, and the third place is 6.4MΩ. 12.8MΩ, 25.6MΩ in the 2nd place, 51.2MΩ in the 1st place, and 102.4MΩ in the 0th place. They are arranged in the descending order of 1 digit retreat and 1 time the resistance value. If you troubleshoot, or if the resistance is not multiple, the potential will rise unevenly, and it will jump suddenly when it reaches a certain value.




Alternative Parts




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