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An Introduction of MCP4822-E/P DACs

kate kate 29 December 2021
An Introduction of MCP4822-E/P DACs

General Description


The MCP4822 devices are dual 8-bit, 10-bit, and 12-bit buffered voltage output Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs). The devices operate from a single 2.7V to 5.5V supply with SPI-compatible Serial Peripheral Interface.The devices have a high precision internal voltage reference (VREF = 2.048V). The user can configure the full-scale range of the device to be 2.048V or 4.096V by setting the Gain Selection Option bit (gain of 1 of 2).
Each DAC channel can be operated in Active or Shutdown mode individually by setting the Configuration register bits. In Shutdown mode, most of the internal circuits in the shutdown channel are turned off for power savings, and the output amplifier is configured to present a known high resistance output load circuit to ensure reliable powerup.The devices utilize a resistive string architecture, with its inherent advantages of low DNL error, low ratiome ric temperature coefficient, and fast settling time.These devices are specified over the extended temperature range (+125°C).The devices provide high accuracy and low noise performance for consumer and industrial applications where calibration or compensation of signals (such as temperature, pressure, and humidity) are required.The MCP4822 devices are available in the PDIP, SOIC, and MSOP packages.




• MCP4802: Dual 8-Bit Voltage Output DAC 

• MCP4812: Dual 10-Bit Voltage Output DAC 

• MCP4822: Dual 12-Bit Voltage Output DAC 

• Rail-to-Rail Output 

• SPI Interface with 20 MHz Clock Support 

• Simultaneous Latching of the Dual DACs
with LDAC pin 

• Fast Settling Time of 4.5 µs 

• Selectable Unity or 2x Gain Output 

• 2.048V Internal Voltage Reference 

• 50 ppm/°C VREF Temperature Coefficient 

• 2.7V to 5.5V Single-Supply Operation 

• Extended Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C



• Set Point or Offset Trimming 

• Sensor Calibration 

• Precision Selectable Voltage Reference 

• Portable Instrumentation (Battery-Powered) 

• Calibration of Optical Communication Devices


CAD Model


Pin Configuration












3D Model




Block Diagram






· Technical

· Operating Temperature--40°C~125°C

· Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)-1 (Unlimited)

· Supply Voltage-5V

· Max Supply Voltage-5.5V

· Min Supply Voltage-2.7V

· Nominal Supply Current-415μA

· Reference Voltage-2.048V

· Input Offset Voltage (Vos)-820μV

· Voltage - Supply, Analog-2.7V~5.5V

· Voltage - Supply, Digital-2.7V~5.5V

· Settling Time-4.5μs (Typ)


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