An Introduction of Transceiver NRF24L01

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An Introduction of Transceiver NRF24L01



The nRF24L01 is a low-power, single-chip 2.4GHz transceiver with an incorporated baseband protocol engine (Enhanced ShockBurstTM). The nRF24L01 is designed to operate in the 2.400 - 2.4835GHz ISM frequency range across the world. To create a radio system with the nRF24L01, you'll need an MCU (microcontroller) and a few external passive components.


A Serial Peripheral Interface is used to configure and operate the nRF24L01 (SPI.) The registration map is accessible via this interface. The register map comprises all of the nRF24L01's configuration registers and is available in all of the chip's operating modes.


The integrated baseband protocol engine (Enhanced ShockBurstTM) uses packet communication and may operate in a variety of modes, ranging from manual to sophisticated autonomous protocol operation. Internal FIFOs guarantee that data flows smoothly between the radio front end and the MCU of the system. By handling all high-speed link-layer tasks, Enhanced ShockBurstTM lowers system costs.


GFSK modulation is used at the radio front end. The frequency channel, output power, and air data rate are all user-configurable factors.


The nRF24L01 can support a data rate of up to 2Mbps over the air. The nRF24L01 is ideal for extremely low-power designs because of its high air data rate and two power-saving modes. Internal voltage regulators offer a high PSRR and a broad power supply range.


Key Features


  • Operation of the 2.4GHz ISM band on a global scale

  • On-the-fly data rates of up to 2Mbps

  • Operation with ultra-low power

  • At 0dBm output power, 11.3mA TX is used.

  • At a 2Mbps air data rate, 12.3mA RX is required.

  • In power-down mode, 900nA is used.

  • 22A is in standby mode.

  • Voltage regulator included inside the chip

  • Supply voltage range: 1.9 to 3.6V

  • ShockBurstTM has been improved.




  • Peripherals for Wireless PCs

  • Remotes, keyboards, and mice

  • Desktop packages with three functions

  • Remote controllers for advanced media centers

  • Headsets for VoIP

  • Controllers for video games

  • Sensors and sports watches

  • Consumer electronics RF remote controllers

  • Automation in the home and at work

  • Sensor networks with ultra-low power consumption

  • Active RFID tags

  • Asset tracking software

  • Toys


CAD Models









3D Model




Pin Configuration and Function








· Technical

· Operating Temperature--40°C~85°C

· Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)-3 (168 Hours)

· Voltage - Supply-1.9V~3.6V

· Supply Voltage-3V

· Terminal Pitch-0.5mm

· Depth-4mm

· Frequency-2.4GHz

· Power Supplies-3V

· Power - Output-0dBm


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