An Introduction of XL6005 regulator

kate kate 12 January
An Introduction of XL6005 regulator

General Description


The XL6005 LED constant current driver is a fixed frequency PWM Boost (step-up) LED constant current driver capable of controlling Series 1W/3W/5W LED modules with outstanding line and load regulation. The regulator is simple to use since it features internal frequency correction and a fixed-frequency oscillator, which means it only requires a few external components to function. At VIN>=12V, the XL6005 may directly drive 11 Series 1W LED modules. The duty ratio may be adjusted linearly from 0 to 90% using the PWM control circuit. There is an enabling function as well as an over-current protection mechanism built-in. To reduce the number of external components, an internal compensating block has been included. 




  • Input Voltage Range of 3.6V to 32V

  • LED drive current 0.22V FB adjustable

  • 11 Series 1W LEDs may be driven directly at VIN>=12V.

  • Switching Frequency: 180KHz (Fixed)

  • Capacity for switching current of up to 4A

  • Efficiencies of up to 94 percent

  • Line and load control are excellent.

  • With PWM Dimming Function with EN PIN TTL Shutdown Capability

  • Internal Power MOSFET Optimization

  • Soft-Start Function is pre-installed.

  • Frequency Compensation is pre-installed.

  • Thermal Shutdown is pre-installed.

  • Integrated Current Limiting Function

  • TO252-5L package is available.




  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

  • Driver with a continuous current boost

  • LED Backlighting for Monitors

  • LCD Panels from 7' to 15'


CAD Models


Pin Configuration













3D Model




Functional Block




Package Dimension








· Technical

· Packaging-Tape & Reel (TR)

· Function-Step-Up

· Number of Outputs-1

· Voltage - Input (Max)-32V

· Output Type-Adjustable

· Voltage - Input (Min)-3.6V

· Output Configuration-Positive

· Current - Output-4A

· Topology-Boost

· Frequency - Switching-180kHz

· Synchronous Rectifier-No


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