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An Introduction to Motor Driver L293D

kate kate 18 December 2021
An Introduction to Motor Driver L293D

L293D is a monolithic integrated high voltage, high current four-channel single integrated motor driver, designed to accept standard DTL or TTL logic levels, drive inductive loads (such as relay solenoids, DC and stepper motors) and switch power Transistors can also provide power loads for other high current and high voltages. A separate input power supply is logically provided, allowing operation on low voltage and internal clamping diodes. In order to simplify the application of the dual bridge, each channel of the L293D is equipped with an enable input. When the enable input is low, the associated drivers are enabled and the output is active; when the enable input is low, these drivers are disabled. The L293D logic circuit with an independent power supply can work at a lower voltage. In addition, L293D also has a built-in clamping diode.


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