An Overview Guide of American Airlines Flight Change Policy

An Overview Guide of American Airlines Flight Change Policy

You have planned well for a journey and booked flight tickets with American Airlines. But you have to resort to American Airlines change flight policy because something unexpected came up and you can’t take the flight booked. In recent years, American Airlines has revamped its flight change policy in which the airline eliminated change fees on maximum domestic and all international flights. Continuing on the topic, in this blog post, we present the flight change policy of AA. Take a look.

What is American Airlines’ Flight Change Policy?

Travelers had better flexibility with American Airlines' change flight policy during the Coronavirus pandemic. As the restrictions eased, the airline adjusted its policy for changes in flight. Here, have a look at the current flight change policy of the airline.

  • For domestic and short-haul international flights as well as select long-haul international ones, there is no fee charged. However, if you are flying in basic economy, you will be charged a fee.
  • Basic economy flight fares are non-changeable and nonrefundable. It includes flying standby for all domestic flights if you have to catch an earlier flight on the same day to the same destination.

So, you can go ahead with any changes in your flight change with AA as you have an idea of its policy. Also, if you wish to cancel due to some emergency, do check out American Airlines Cancellation Policy for information on the same.

What is the Cost of Changing An American Airlines Flight?

You need to change your flight with AA, but are you worried about the cost incurred? Relax. There is nothing that you have to pay in most of the cases as per American Airlines' change flight policy. However, if there is an increase in your new flight fare, you will have to pay for the difference in the ticket amount.

The airline allows you to use your ticket’s value for the new ticket price. Additionally, you can change the origin and/or destination of the ticket. However, if the new flight fare is less than what you paid for the previous flight, you can use the balance for purchasing a ticket for the next flight.

You have to pay the amount of ticket difference that is applicable on your new reservation for American Airlines Change flight. Do check out the policy before confirming the same.

Last Word

The above mentioned blog post contains information about the flight change rule of AA. Do check it out properly before applying for a change and enjoy your travel experience.

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