An Ultimate Guide to Buying Fingerboards in 2022

SoIf you are blank about fingerboarme people think fingerboards are toys made for kids, but that’s a misconception.

It is a miniature skateboard that helps professionals learn the new tricks they perform outside. Using the middle and index fingers, they determine if it's possible to do this flip.

Not to mention the discovery of new flips.

Even communities organize fingerboard tournaments, and people do participate in them. So, if you plan on becoming a pro in fingerboards, you need high-quality fingerboards. In addition, you need to buy pro fingerboard trucks and a pro fingerboard Deck.

ds, this article will tell you the secret tips to buy the best fingerboards in 2022.

Primary Considerations While Buying a Fingerboard

With the right equipment, you’ll learn fingerboard faster than ever. That’s why you should invest in a quality fingerboard. So, if you plan on buying a fingerboard for yourself, consider the following points while making a purchase.


Before you order any fingerboard, ensure that it’s worth its value. For instance, you don’t have to stretch your budget to pay for premium fingerboards, as a fingerboard with typical pricing will give you the same experience as the expensive ones.

Buy a quality fingerboard with decent pricing from offline or online stores with a good market reputation.


You should buy a fingerboard from a trusted brand.

Customers get peace of mind after buying from a reputed brand. In addition, brands offer guarantees and zero-hassle replacement if you find any product defect.

Moreover, you should also consider buying fingerboard trucks and decks from a reliable brand.


It’s essential to check the quality of the Fingerboard trucks used in the product.

Though many people buy a fingerboard seeing the appealing color of the truck, you must have a look at its build quality.

Fingerboards with good quality trucks are smooth running and offer the product extended life.

Deck Width

Ensure that the deck width of the fingerboard is comfortable.

You can test it on the shop if you are buying offline.

There are two types of widths available in the market that is as follows:-

  • 32mm Fingerboard decks
  • 34mm Fingerboard decks

You can choose as per your comfort. Enjoy using your fingerboard with the best ease to become a pro fingerboard.


After selecting the width of the deck, consider the durability of the fingerboard wheels. The wheels of the fingerboard should roll easily. Choose the color of the wheels and consider the type of plastic used during production.


Once you choose the best quality product, it’s time to make your fingerboard truck look attractive and eye-pleasing by selecting the best graphics. While buying online, you can customize your fingerboard or choose from numerous graphic options and make it unique.

It should look just like made for you!


If you are buying a premium fingerboard, you must consider the brand's warranty. In case you get a defective product from the brand, you can claim and get a refund or replacement.

In Summary

Fingerboards have now become more than a habit for many people. They enjoy playing with fingerboards or trying new flips on fingerboards before on skateboard. In addition, folks can master the art of fingerboarding and win rewards by participating in the tournaments organized by communities.

However, first, you need a fingerboard with pro fingerboard trucks and a pro fingerboard deck. After that, you can start practicing by watching videos or learning from your fellows or professionals.

This article tells us the primary points to consider while buying a fingerboard and ensuring the best for yourself. One must read this article before stepping out to buy a fingerboard.