Analog circuit design training institutes in bangalore

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Analog circuit design training institutes in bangalore

 Analog circuit design course was mainly designed to accommodate significant basics of Analog Integrated Circuit Design. It is very broad; it starts from MOSFET modeling and extends to Complex Analog Block design. Our course is target-oriented, which is why it focuses majorly on delivering hands-on practical content on circuit design for specific analog and mixed signal training. Our course is crucial because analog and mixed signal training institutes are very few in India. After taking our course, students will be able to design circuits using the EDA tool, LDO, Opamp, Bandgap, PLL and data converters.

Top Reasons Why You Must Sign Up With Us Today

#1 Deep Understanding of MOSFETs

Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) is a semiconductor device that every analog circuit designer must have a good understanding of. We carefully train students about MOSFETs concerning Noise, Modelling, Non-Linearity, and Matching. Out of other analog circuit design training institutes in Bangalore, we make sure we fulfill everything we promise and more.

#2 We Will Help You Understand The Basics and Complexities of Amplifiers

A single-stage amplifier is designed by using one transistor with associated circuitry to strengthen a weak signal.

A Differential amplifier is a device used for amplifying the alterations in voltage of two input signals. It plays a significant role in the building block of integrated circuits of analog systems and acts as a subtractor circuit.

A Current Mirror is a circuit design that makes a copy of current through an active device. It does this by controlling current in an alternative active device of a circuit.

A Two-Stage Operational Amplifier is made up of a differential amplifier at the input stage while the second stage is influenced by the output of the differential amplifier.

#3 You Will Understand Critical Analog Blocks

In a Critical Analog Block design, many design choices will still be available once a practical specification has been chosen. You will be familiar with this concept after taking our CMOS circuit design training in Bangalore.

In most applications, it is represented by an exchange between power consumption against performance factors of speed, the circuit resources, and reliability coupled with precision.

Some common terms in Critical Analog Block include:

Band Gap Reference Design: This is a voltage reference circuit that is temperature independent and widely used in integrated circuits. Variations in the power supply don’t affect its fixed voltage.

Oscillators: This is a type of circuit that controls the periodic release of a signal and it has two major types which are harmonic oscillation and relaxation. It converts direct current from supply to alternating current signal.

Phase Lock Loop Design (PPL): The PPL block is in charge of feedback control and automatically regulates the phase of a locally generated signal to suit the stage of an input signal.

#4 You Gain Needed Knowledge About Critical Industry Standard Project Execution

Under the supervision of 15+ years of industry professionals, you will get to learn the critical aspects and tips for successful project execution. Project execution can be defined as the stage in a project where everything planned on paper is put to work. Many people don’t realize that this stage involves critical guidance until they stumble or fail. With help from our experienced experts after taking our analog circuit design course online, Project execution will be a breeze because they will guide you through the entirety of the process.


This article gives you an overview of the immense benefits that come with enrolling in our circuit design course right now without hesitation. Only a few platforms can offer the kind of value you will be getting with us.

Our target audience for this course doesn’t only include people with familiarity with integrated circuit and analog circuit technology but anyone with a keen interest in analog circuit design trainingmemory design trainingio circuit design training.

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