Angular 9: Small, high-performance, Ivy – developer magazine 1.20 is here!

Alex Alex 18 December 2019
Angular 9: Small, high-performance, Ivy – developer magazine 1.20 is here!

The developers magazine 1.20 is there. This Time, 9 is the Angular the title of the topic: In this edition you will find an Overview of the new Version of the framework, and a detailed presentation of the new compiler: Ivy. Also you can find of course many other topics in the magazine.

dear readers,

Angular is considered to be the classic Enterprise choice among the JavaScript Frameworks. Extensive, complex, and "with everything and extra hot", as they say. For virtually every type of application the Framework offers the right Option, and have been for years. What is not covered in Angular itself, around done the Ecosystem of the drum. The leads, however, to a certain size of Angular applications. Also, for simple use cases, the Framework implements a lot of possibilities in the Code that are never used. As a result, Angular felt in some Parts of the Web-Tech world, as bulky and too big for small projects. Vue.js based even, in some ways, this view: Vue-inventor Evan You wanted to make the best ideas of Angular available, without the complexity brought on Board. Out a lean Framework has come. Also React approach is significantly different from the All-inclusive idea behind Angular. In the nuclear React is a UI Library that can be extended through the enormous Ecosystem for virtually every purpose.

Despite all the stability and reliability for Angular-Enterprise Framework of Choice, it also lives a break through: With the departure of AngularJS, so the change of v1.x to Angular 2, was revised in the Framework in a complete and TypeScript re-written. This was the first landslide in the Angular-history. Since then, a lot has happened, after all, Angular receives two Major Releases in the year. All in All, has set a certain Routine. The Upgrades can be done with on-Board means; Angular has established itself in its Segment and the users know what you love about the Framework.

With Angular 9 could now, but before the second landslide of the Angular-history. Ivy is coming! Without Breaking Changes, soft soles, will not be delivered to one of the biggest innovations since the switch to TypeScript, which unfolds its potential but still not completely. Ivy is the new Compiler that is enabled at the Angular 9 by default, and the basic concept of the compilation in Angular change is. With Ivy, everything is no longer included, what brings Angular so. In the final project code ends up only what is really used. This radical change in the Bundle-size, Angular, and the potential for yet more Changes to the Framework to result. Angular needs in the future NgModules, the Framework of its own module format, or is it without? How small applications with Angular 9 will actually be, and how much smaller can it get? These issues, Martina Kraus and Manfred Steyer devote themselves to in their articles in this edition of developer magazine.

in addition to the landslide has changed since it was Angular 8 but, of course, the one or the other. An Overview of the new features since the last Major Release Karsten sitter mountain. And also on Bazel, the new Build Tool for Angular, it's actually not so new, let's take in this issue a look: Christian Janker introduces you to the possibilities of the Tools.

The Web-Tech world never stands still, it is in motion. The change to the new Ivy-Compiler shows impressive. Angular is now well established and one of the big three JavaScript Frameworks, everybody is talking about. It is not resting, but also basic concepts such as the compilation behavior prior to Innovation. That is a good thing – so the Ecosystem remains innovative and well-Known could conquer new worlds. We are eager to see how it goes, and invite you, in this issue, the latest Trends in the Angular world.

Ann-Cathrin Klose
editor developer magazine

Highlights of the developer magazine 1.20

Angular 9 and Friends
The Features at a Glance
the Karsten sitter mountain

The future of Angular with Ivy
The potential beyond the Angular 9
the Manfred Steyer

Flutter detention
Mobile Develop with the Flutter SDK
the Jonas hunger Hausen, Lars Vogel

What Hash can I get?
Part 3: Hash functions and Message Authentication Codes
the Golo Roden



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