Answers to Questions about The Local Area Network

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How do you find the gateway address and subnet mask?
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On Windows systems:Click Start >Run. Then, click Start > Run.

How do you connect a router and 2 switch hubs in a network?

It is recommended to use "crossover" cable. You can search Google for the schematics. Router Switch ===Regular Cat 5 Switch Switch Crossove Learn more

How can you find your subnet mask, gateway and Windows ME computer's IP address?

Start by going to start and then programs, accessories, MS-DOS Prompt. Type 'ipconfig/all' in the window, but without the parentheses, and then press enter.

How do you assign two IP addresses to one network card?

This is a possibility in Linux operating systems. IP's can be splitted in two IP's ! And it can be achieved using a one NIC card! Yes, you can.. if Wind is utilized. Learn more

How do you make videoconferencing using only the LAN network cards and not the phone?

Yes most of them use Skype for online video conferencing.You can also make use of Gtalk video or facebook video call.They are free and work fine.Video conference using Learn more

How can you assign two IP addresses to one network card using the Windows 98 OS?

You don't usually. Each network card has its unique physical MAC address imprinted on it by the manufacturer (kind of like a fingerprint or Social Secur Read more

Is an IP address that is private?

Yes, it's an address that is part of the private IP address ranges that have been identified and reserved.The private IP address ranges have been defined as: through 10.2 Read more

What are the advantages of using client-server networking over peer-peer networking?

Client-server networking is centralized - Data, resources security, and other data are handled by the server. Scalability - Any or all elements may be replaced indiv Read More

What are the disadvantages of computer telephony integration?

Landline telephones, like, are simple, reliable, and affordable devices. Internet connections and computers however, are more complicated.

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