Apartment vs. House: Making the Right Choice for You

Apartment vs. House: Making the Right Choice for You
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Buying a home is a dream for us. However, many times we get confused in the options such as flat & home. Some of the home buyers prefer flats or apartments & another group prefers houses. Although both options have a significant amount of benefits and disadvantages. So, it is important for you tor you to evaluate all the aspects before you actually invest. A proper evaluation of advantages & disadvantages will help you in making the right decision for you/

  1. Advantages & disadvantages of the apartment:

Every option has both advantages & disadvantages. However, I believe that we should start with the advantages first.

1.1. Advantages-

  • Most of the flats or apartments come with an affordable price tag. This helps the buyers in getting their dream home at an affordable range. For example, apartments of Realtech Nirman group start from 23 lakhs onwards which are mostly affordable.
  • If you have an apartment, you can put it on rent at any time which helps in making an alternative income source for you.
  • We all want a comfortable life, right? Apartments help us in getting that. In an apartment, you will be able to get amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, children’s play area, function halls etc. This is making it a convenient option for buyers.
  • Generally, apartments are smaller spaces. So they are easier to maintain. At the same time, in a complex, you will be able to get every type of help such as a plumber, electrician etc to manage the maintenance of the apartment. In many apartments, there is a managing committee which takes care of every aspect of the apartment. This is helping the residents to cope with their busy lifestyles without wasting their property.
  • Maybe security is the most basic amenity that we all want in our life & in an apartment you will be able to get it without even asking. Almost every apartment has the securities for 24*7. Most of the apartments are using the latest technology to ensure the safety of the residents. Realetch Nirman is using every updated technology such as CTTV etc to ensure the 100% safety of the residents.

1.2. Disadvantages-

Now it is time to focus on the disadvantages of apartments. The disadvantages are-

  • Do you know what I need most in my life? It's peace. However, you can miss it if get a nosy & noisy neighbour. You might face various types of noises in an apartment such as the neighbours’ kids playing their electric guitars, family quarrels on the unit below yours, loud television sets next door, children playing along the shared corridor walkway, renovation in neighbouring apartment units etc.
  • The rooms of an apartment are small & advent. So, it is obvious that you will be able to hear the chats of the advent room & ver-versa. This is lacking the privacy of the residents.
  1. Advantages & disadvantages of a house-

From the above part, it is clear that apartments are quite a profitable option for a buyer, however, it has some of its disadvantages too. Now it is the time to focus on the advantages of owning a house.

2.1. Advamtegs-

  • Houses are a long-term investment. You can sell it at any time to have a large amount of money. At the same time, you can earn a handsome amount of money by putting it on the mortgage.
  • Houses help you get the right amount of privacy. You can live with any interference or interference.
  • Most of the houses are built on a large space which is making it convenient for bigger families.
  • As in the above point I have mentioned about space. Let’s add one more advantage of having an ample amount of space in the house. Houses help n making an “office corner/ office area” for the owner as it has that space & privacy set up. So that you can work relaxed on your work-from-home days.

2.2. Disadvantages-

As I said everything comes with its own advantages or disadvantages. Now it is the time to discuss the disadvantages of houses. The disadvantages are- 

  • Most of the time houses are expensive. So, it is not affordable for a majority of the buyers.
  • As the houses are built in a larger space, so, most of the time, you won't be able to get a house in the heart of the city. However, even if you get it will be in the higher range.
  • You will never get the amenities of an apartment in a house. If you want the same amenities in a house format then you have to go for bungalows which are costly

Final words: Everything has its own advantages & disadvantages. It is my responsibility to inform you of all the relevant pieces of information so that you can choose the right option for your stable future. However, I must say that if you want a comfortable, flexible life in the heart of the city at an affordable price then you must go for apartments.

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