API Request Builder: post woman v1.0 released

Alex Alex 20 November 2019
API Request Builder: post woman v1.0 released

The newly-published programme of post woman allows the resources to Test the APIs directly in the Browser. The free, Open-Source Alternative to Postman now has a v1.0 receive.

post-woman v1.0 is a free API Request Builder, and thus constitutes an Alternative to commercial platforms, such as Postman. The Open-Source project, developer Liya's Thomas is online directly in the Browser, is platform-independent and is also supported by mobile devices. In addition, a WebSocket-function has been implemented.

post woman Screenshot

source: https://dev.to/liyasthomas/i-created-postwoman-an-online-open-source-api-request-builder-41md

Requests can be accessed without updating the website and Switching between different Apps. Test multiple APIs and Responses to be carried out significantly faster in this manner. Currently, the program has the methods GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONSand PATCH. The Request Builder comes by default in the dark mode, and can be adapted to your own requirements. Also, the program can be saved as a Progressive Web App locally. Post-woman was developed, in order to test quickly and efficiently APIs the v1.0 is a great first step. Together with the Community, the program is to be developed in the future, more and new features.

All the Information and functions of the post woman found on GitHub to.

Source: entwickler.de

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