Apple and Samsung - What In The World Just Happened!

Apple and Samsung - What In The World Just Happened!
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03 July 2021

If you have noticed, Apple doesn't like to talk about its competition and when they do, it's often in a negative way. I mean in every commercial Apple showcases its competitors in a very bad light. Consider the recent WWDC event, Apple said that they are sort of bringing facetime to Android. To demonstrate it, they pulled up a side-by-side image featuring the iPhone 12 next to the ugliest Android phone they could find. Moreover, the Beats app on Play Store featured Nexus 6P from 2015, while the Move to iOS transfer app is stuck with an outdated HTC One M8 next to iPhone X.

However, in a seemingly very un-Apple move, they are advertising their new Beats Studio Buds alongside the Galaxy 21 made by their direct and the biggest competitor, Samsung. The advert appears in the Amazon listing for the new buds and for a change, they are actually showcasing the Galaxy S21 in a positive way.

Now you might be wondering why are they using the latest and greatest from not just Android, but Samsung their biggest competitor? Well, to begin with, they are saying beats studio isn't just for Apple users, it's for everyone.

They know that Samsung controls the premium Android market, and they are telling Samsung users that the beats buds are compatible with their phones. So they are persuading Samsung users to pick the Beats Studio over the Galaxy Buds Pro. Additionally, it's also a subtle bait to Samsung users saying that hey look this Apple hardware goes great with your Galaxy S21, but it would work even better with an iPhone and thus attracting them towards the Apple ecosystem which, to be honest, is a great marketing strategy.

So you know, I know and everybody knows that Apple's M1 chip is the best out there. Better than Intel, AMD, Samsung's, and even Qualcomm's chipsets in speed and power efficiency. But Qualcomm is positive that they will beat Apple's M chip by next year, and how are they going to do it? With the help of Apple. You heard that.

You see, Williams and two other former Apple chip execs who apparently also worked on the M1 chip left Apple in 2019 to create a new chip company called Nuvia. The trio said they are aiming to disrupt the market with a new high-performance core called “Phoenix” to take on Intel and AMD.

Apple didn't believe them, they thought their intention is to force Apple to acquire Nuvia thus buying back their own tech. But Qualcomm saw the opportunity and bought Nuvia for 1.4 billion dollars, which mean Qualcomm now has the same tech and the same engineers who have created the M1 chip.

So today the CEO of Qualcomm has come out saying that they are planning to launch a new custom chip for laptop makers next year and that it's going to be the 'best chip on the market,' even better than Apple's M1 and even the M2 chip. Qualcomm's CEO said he also has a plan B where he says and I quote, "If Arm, which we've had a relationship with for years, eventually develops a CPU that's better than what we can build ourselves, then we always have the option to license from Arm.

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