Applications Development Services – Things to Consider before Outsourcing

Applications Development Services – Things to Consider before Outsourcing
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Before I highlight how applications development services can work wonders for tech startups, let me share an exciting story.  

Three guys who couldn't make rent in San Francisco tried to fund the idea of an online apartment rental service in 2008. As inspiration for their project, they used cardboard and hot glue guns to transform Cheerios and Captain Crunch boxes into "Obama O's" and "Captain McCain".

Eventually, they got on national TV, sold out their cereal, and kept working on the idea until they had a product they could pitch. Paul Graham of Y Combinator funded the first version of Airbnb. The co-founders' decision to sell Obama O's ultimately led to Graham's sale.

Airbnb is one of many examples of how a business can be started without having the resources right at your fingertips.

Startup founders must find ways to build momentum in the beginning.

How to Build Momentum for Your Startup?

By wearing the Obama O's, Airbnb founders garnered attention, raised a little money, and showed they had grit. As a result, they gained initial momentum to get moving.

When you have a great idea but do not have any funds or technical skills to build a product, it can be tough to get the initial momentum you need. But you don't always need money or coding to take the very first steps toward realizing an idea.

It's impossible to think more than a few months ahead. At this stage, you should only be focused on reaching your very next milestone. And here is what a non-technical founder of a startup with a tight budget can do to realize their vision:

  1. You may want to develop an MVP. You do not need technical expertise or a big budget to create the framework or MVP of your product. It's the first step toward your next goal. It is not necessary to make your wireframes look fancy, but they should convey your ideas to others who will be excited about them. If you feel you can’t even pull this off, then consider joining hands with an agency that provides applications development services
  2. If you have a limited budget, finance your first steps in a creative way. It does not have to be political cereal. To create your product, you can use whatever skills you have. It's not necessary to make money that you'll need in 5 years to build a team of 100 people. You need to prioritize what should be done right away. For example, you can find and convince a pre-seed investor. 
  3. Learn as much as possible. No matter how bad your coding skills are now, you can always learn. You will be able to overcome knowledge gaps by teaching yourself and asking the right questions. Successful people don't have to be engineers. Instead, you should focus on learning whatever you need to know to move forward. The same is true at the very beginning and ten years later.

Even with the advice above, you won't get to a finished product. So, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to build initial momentum as soon as possible.

You can begin right away by looking at each of these ideas.

There is always value in having a wide variety of choices. Having many options makes it easier to make the right choice. This holds true when it comes to SaaS applications development services

While in-house developers are good, they are also expensive. Freelancers are less expensive but riskier. Recent years have been filled with horror stories from companies and individuals who hired freelancers. Most of these freelance groups like Upwork allow members to post their qualifications, but since clients cannot verify their claims, they fall for the scam.

An ideal solution for SaaS startups is to hire a trusted vendor that has a proven track record of delivering first-rate SaaS applications development services. Because the last thing you want is to get burned by an unprofessional agency. 

Having a dedicated team of developers located in the same office and is able to work together on projects cannot be overemphasized. It’s way easier to schedule daily standup meetings and frequently communicate with the developers. Additional benefits include:

  1. As opposed to freelancers, a dedicated team of developers working remotely for you will not abandon your project at any stage. However, there is a high risk of being held to ransom when one freelancer knows all the details of your project.
  2. Moreover, having multiple skill sets allows remote development teams to brainstorm and bounce ideas off each other easily. Unfortunately, since freelancers work alone, they cannot do this.
  3. Hiring a team of developers also allows you to balance costs by bringing in a senior coder to lay the foundation, a junior coder to handle the menial tasks, and a quality assurance officer to ensure bugs are caught.

If you are trying to find an ultimate place to hire SaaS developers, opt for a reputable agency like DFY SaaS instead of a freelancer. Why? The goal of DFY SaaS is to deliver a bug-free and user-friendly SaaS product with the help of its highly qualified developers. A team of coders that is the epitome of perfection and never fails to meet your expectations. 


Nonetheless, there are some solid grounds that tech companies choose to go with vendors providing application development services. The key reasons are low-cost, collaborating with qualified professionals, and getting a high-quality product quickly. 

Many large companies are opting for outsourcing as it has successfully established a high-valued business. 

So, if you are ready to crush your software development goals with more control, cost savings, reduce risks, and guaranteed project success, now is the time to work with a talented and dedicated Application Development Company to hire a remote developer who is well-versed in the best tech stack (React, NodeJS, Laravel, AWS, CSS, and more) that is used to build a SaaS solution. 

Let us know whether you agree with this or not. 

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    Driven with the use case of Airbnb, this article will provide a complete insight into what factors should enterprises consider before outsourcing their application development services. Davidjamsedj! Fantastic insights! Outsourcing app development may allow you to save money and other resources and devote more of your time to innovation among other advantages. But on the flip side, you'll also be able to control every aspect of the procedure from a distance. Right from choosing the best firm, technology standards, analyzing the risks of migration and the accuracy of the software and its compliance to the cost-effectiveness, cultural aspects, etc., matter a lot. Even though it offers a lot of benefits, keep in mind that you'll also be taking a big chance. Due to this, you must ensure that everything is carried out properly. At this point, I would like to add a few more articles that would shed more light on the topic discussed.

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