ArcheAge Servers are Back; Trion is Sorting out the Game's Timers

Bek Delaney Bek Delaney 25 September 2022 Follow

If you're following the ongoing drama of ArcheAge problems, you probably are aware that the game had all of the servers shut down during the weekend of a holiday. This could be a solution to the game's exploit issues similar to how setting fire to your house solves any issue you face with your wallpaper. The server issues were attributed to emergency maintenance. GSERVERS However, representatives from the community denied that the problem was caused by servers overheating, DDoS attacks or exploits. The positive side is that of the game's 21 servers that were in operation, 16 were running last night, with the last five brought online early this morning.

Players have been offered compensation and the details will be announced today. Unfortunately for players with tax due, the timers for all services continued to run as servers were down, meaning that housing plots, crops, and the like were all affected by the time of the lengthy maintenance process. Trion states that it is aware of the issue for players who have tax debts and is in discussions with XLGAMES to find the most effective solution. A rollback of servers is not on the table.

At least, servers are back online. We will keep you updated on the compensation for players once it is announced.

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