Are Private Servers Dead

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Are private servers dead, especially for those looking for an original wow leveling experience with 1xp and enough number of players so that they can still interact with other plays. Are there any servers offering this type of experience or are all of them dead?

In comparison to the great prior to 2019, yes, they are all dead today.

It's pretty lame, the music scene is dead these days, and it's fine with a low-pop sound but it's never as classic for me tbh

There is no difference in the population of warmane at all.

Many servers are empty when you go in and out, but few servers are sufficiently populated to be visible in game. Don't think that server population is important. Instead, take a look at it with your eyes.

"I would like to see the servers as good as they were back in the old days , with no changes"

People are a threat to me.

A lot of them don't have the right to play on any server that is private. Why can't they play on one server and not be a part of the mob of angry seekers?

Make private servers awesome again

The freshtards from 10 years ago sure are doing their best to kill private servers. If every server began banning freshtards, then private servers could actually begin to flourish again.

They're almost dead, minus p2w servers such as Warmane and Ascension.

The market for private servers has never been more competitive since Classic launched it.

It was thriving in pre-classic times, but Blizzard lost the war.
blogging is good for your


I believe darrowshire is doing great It's still about 1-2k+ pop

Kronos is due out in the near future too.

Are you posting from Egypt? Because you're swimming in denial.

K4 doa

It all depends on how many players you want however, the next one to be launched is Kronos 4. I think

If you're looking for something to get your blood pumping before then I suggest the turtle option that is hardcore wow.

It's very similar to original however it's full of added stuff that feels like vanilla in it.

The hardcore auction will remove your character if it dies, but the guild is extremely cool and if I've played WoW as often as I have, it's great to discover something new.

They're not all 'dead'. Ascension is known to have well over 10,000 concurrent players on their worlds. I expect that they will see even more when their new project is launched. Warmane... It has many players, but the numbers are controversial. Also, a lot things you would call dead is more active than the blizzard live servers.

10000 seems to be the cap

Private servers are descending down the slope as players are becoming more and more satisfied with their desire to play. Wow is boring to play now that you've spent so much time on it. You're surrounded by many friends and well-known people. Then you quit as well.

Wotlk is currently the only expansion that is being pumped into the pserver server scene. It's so boring to watch it every day. TBC isn't being played and every Vanilla server is becoming dead or just thriving but there are a lot of hackers and cheaters are on these servers.

Other expansions aren't even worth to look into.

My Warmane account is active, but I don't play anymore. I have been collecting points and sitting in limbo for months. I am too lazy to even sign up on 1 character.

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The population, aside from the vanilla community has remained the same way as I've always observed it. And the vanilla community is the same in size as pre-nost numbers. This is also the case.

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