Are Private Servers Dead

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Are private servers dying, particularly for those looking for an authentic experience in leveling up with 1xp and a large enough number of players so that they can still interact with other plays. Are there any servers that give this kind of experience, or are all of them dead

Compared to good old pre-2019 years Yes, they all are dead today.

It's pretty lame, the scene just feels dead today, like sure it's fine with low-pop but it never compares to classic for me .

There is no population difference in warmane.

Many servers are really empty when you enter and around the world, but only a very few servers are full to see that ingame. Do not believe that the number of servers is crucial. Instead, take a look at it with your eyes.


"i wish the servers were as they were in the good old days with no changes" "This is absolutely unplayable with less than 8000 players" "I'm leaving and telling everyone I know to leave because the player count isn't sufficient however, man is the scripting great on this server, time to level to 32 on that new Ferchvanil"

People take me down.

Many of them aren't entitled to play on any server that is not private. Why can't they play on one server, and not join the crowd of angry players?

Make private servers fantastic again

The 10 year old freshtards sure are doing their best to kill private servers. If every server was to ban freshtards, then private servers could actually be able to grow again.

In general, aside from the p2w servers such as Ascension and Warmane they are really dead.

The market for private servers has never been better since Classic launched it.

Pre classic it was thriving, Blizzard unfortunately won the war.


I think darrowshire's doing well, although it's only 2k+ people.

Kronos will be out soon as well.

Are you posting from Egypt or are you hiding? Because you're swimming in denial.

K4 doa

It all depends on how many players you want However, the next one to be released is called Kronos 4, i think

If you are looking for something to stimulate your blood flow I recommend turtle wow.

It's very similar to the original but it has a bunch of added stuff that feels like vanilla in it.

The auction for hardcore will end your character if it dies, but the guild is really cool and if I've played WoW as often as you have it's nice to discover something new.

There aren't any dead. I'm also pretty sure Ascension has more than 10, 000 players concurrently playing on their worlds and is likely to see even more when their new project launches. Warmane... While it has a lot of players However, the numbers aren't always clear. Also, a lot of things you would call dead' have more going on than some of the live servers on blizzard.

10000 seems to be the limit

Private servers are falling down the hill as people are becoming more and more satisfied with their gaming needs. After years of playing Wow, it is too boring to continue playing it. Many of your friends, well-known individuals have left and leave you behind. You then decide to quit too.

Wotlk is the only expansion that is being pumped into the pserver world and it is so boring to see this thing every day. TBC isn't very popular and each Vanilla is dying or just thriving but there are a lot of hackers and cheaters on those servers.

Other expansions aren't worth a look.

I have an account on Warmane but I don't play anymore, merely collecting points and sitting there for months now. I'm too lazy to even join on 1 character.

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Apart from the vanilla community, the number of people has been fairly stable as I have seen it. The vanilla community is about the same size as it was before the numbers were not even known. This is also true.

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