Are you both The Studious Types?

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2008Nian 5Yue Xing Qi Yi Gamers on the Street: Looking up on WoW Gamers on the Street logs onto U.S. servers to get the latest news from the front about what's going on in and around World of Warcraft. If you aren't able to log in to World of Warcraft, do you get your news through game sites? Gamers on Street met with two young Zul'jin players to discuss their WoW reading habits as well as research habits. Deathrowcame (70 Undead Warlock) and Docevil (70 Undead Rogue) were both on alts at the time we met up however, they both went to Orgrimmar on their 70s to conclude our conversation and take a group shot wow gold, and also to share some interesting tidbits about life at Zul'Jin. Make sure to comment at the end of this article and also share your favorite websites and sources. Gamers on Street: Hey guys, thanks for sharing this information. We are curious about those who enjoy studying and researching their characters and game information. Calistomebel Are you both the scholarly type? Deathrowcame: Yeah, I am. I purchased a 70'lock, so I had to research it. LOL Docevil. I researched the WoW gold abilities that were cheap I could purchase and which specializations were the easiest to level. Deathrowcame: I use WoWhead and Twittbot daily to find out what gear I can get for my level and class, and what quests my class should complete.

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