Areas of effective use of the Menatir UAVs

Areas of effective use of the Menatir UAVs
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13 December 2022

Ukrainian specialists from the company Culver Aviation developed and in early 2022 presented an innovative system for aerial monitoring — the Menatir. The use of the system with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is quite a topical issue, as drones can be used in different areas and with different purposes, it is only necessary to make an algorithm of work and equip the drone with the necessary payload.

The effectiveness of the system on a national and business scale

It is worth noting that the Menatir system already covers a lot of requests, covering two quite extensive industries, however, the aerial monitoring network has a lot of potential and we are confident the scope can be further developed. The integration of a UAV surveillance system is most relevant for government and big business applications.

The Menatir in government organizations

A network of base stations, with 6 drones each, can be effectively used for property inspections, infrastructure inspection, cadastral surveys, energy efficiency audits, air quality analysis, water levels in bodies of water, and much more.

Conventionally, the public sphere in the prism of the functional implementation of drones can be divided into several spectrums:

  1. City, regional and national administrations (integrating the Menatir system into the infrastructure to implement regular photo and video monitoring, regardless of weather conditions).

  2. Emergency services (detecting the epicenter of natural disasters, fire outbreaks, smoke outbreaks, search for missing persons, monitoring of man-made disasters, etc.).

  3. Environmental inspections (determining air quality and then finding out the type and movement of pollutants, finding out the level of temperature, humidity, and pressure, monitoring wildlife, etc.).

  4. Power structures (search and pursuit of intruders, transport and other objects, traffic monitoring, protection of mass events, border surveillance, etc.).

Areas of effective use of the Menatir UAVs

The Menatir in business

24/7 drone surveillance system in any weather can monitor crop growth of agribusinesses, calculate the volume of extracted resources for businesses from the mining sector, inspect industrial facilities, power lines, and much more. Here we will divide the system's range of activities into:

  1. The agricultural sector (surveying agricultural assets, measuring field boundaries and contours, inspecting crop conditions, identifying problem areas without harming crops, etc.).

  2. Mining sector (identification of mineral deposits, clarification of the volume and remnants of extracted resources, control of work performance and safety, forecasting the probability of accidents, etc.).

  3. Industrial parks (identification of critical situations — accidents, floods, debris; checking the integrity and serviceability of electrical networks, examination of hazardous areas, an inspection of industrial premises, etc.).

  4. Infrastructural facilities (construction and safety standards control, maintenance supervision, monitoring of construction phases, creation of models, comparing them with the project, etc.).

The Menatir aerial surveillance system has enormous potential and every opportunity to simplify and enhance both people's activities and life in general. All you need to do is integrate it, choose an algorithm, and choose the right payload.

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