Arghh… Not Another Google Update! 7 Useful Tips to Re-strategize Your SEO Plan

Arghh… Not Another Google Update! 7 Useful Tips to Re-strategize Your SEO Plan
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01 October 2022

There’s never a dull moment in the world of search engine optimization. Just when you think you’ve got your SEO strategy down to a T, Google decides to update their algorithm and change the playing field altogether.

There’s not much you can do about this search engine’s ever-evolving algorithm, but there are some timeless SEO strategies that you can implement right now that will remain effective for the long term, no matter how many times the algorithm changes. By using such tactics, not only do you boost traffic onto your site by improving your page ranking, but you also give your site a certain degree of immunity against Google’s rapidly changing algorithm, at least for the foreseeable future.

If your SEO plan has been disrupted due to the latest Google algorithm update, then we urge you to read this article and implement the suggested tips as you re-strategize your SEO plan. Here are seven proven ways in which you can get the SEO results you want in late 2022.

1. Don’t Ignore Longtail Keywords

The length and specificity of long-tail keywords exceed those of typical target keywords. Compared to shorter ones, they often have lesser search traffic, but they can still be highly effective. Long-tail keywords reveal the motivations behind consumers' searches, not just the results they’re seeking. 91.8% of all searches, according to a recent research paper, involve long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords should be prioritized because of their increased search intent. This is due to the fact that they’re more precise, and allow you to focus on keywords that are pertinent to the activities you want customers to perform on your website.

The phrase "how to win at an online casino slot machine" is an illustration of a long-tail keyword. In contrast to a short-tail keyword like "online slot win".

These variants all have quite distinct motivations. You can see that the user is asking a question in the case of "how to win at an online casino slot machine," indicating that they’re seeking a specific answer or guide.

We don't fully understand the user's intent for "online slot win." Perhaps they’re only looking for some of the greatest recorded online slot wins, or perhaps they’re merely attempting to comprehend what an online slot win is.

In 9 out 10 cases, the search volume for long-tail keywords is lower than a short-tail keyword. This means that the SEO competition is also going to be lower. In turn, it might be easier for a website to rank for a long-tail keyword like “how to win at an online casino slot machine”. And, if any industry should understand the value of good SEO practices, it most definitely is the affiliate marketing one! 

2. Inject Keywords in Your Headers

Indicating to consumers and search engines that your material fits the intended purpose behind those search terms can be directly achieved through the use of keywords in headers. These are added in here to give context for search engine bots in the same way that a table of contents does for people.

3. Don’t Force Keywords When They’re Irrelevant

Also known as ‘keyword stuffing’ – you want to avoid inserting keywords for the sake of their inclusion. This is a surefire way to lose the content’s crucial element of readability. Although a lot of SEO specialists believe headers are key, you should still take care to use keywords only if they organically fit. Before choosing where to insert your target keywords or other variants, take into account the user experience and, of course, let’s not forget Google's suggestions! Avoid using too many keywords in your writing because this can actually go against the grain of what you are trying to achieve. 

4. Enhance Your Website’s UX

Google considers a variety of variables to rank your site, one of which is the amount of time visitors spend on the page. Google will be alerted that the material on your website is not what their users are searching for if they see users leaving your page shortly after arriving. This is known as ‘bounce rate’. Create an engaging website and ensure the user experience you offer is a seamless one, this will keep visitors on your page for longer.

5. Use Pictures, Videos and Other Type of Multimedia

Different types of media, particularly videos, encourage interaction and, as a result, lengthen user sessions on your website, which boosts your SEO ranking. What’s more, use of images or other media gives visitors a ‘breather’ from a page which would otherwise be filled with text. Remember, a website should be created not only to engage, but also entertain a user.

6. Skip the Forced Backlinks

This tip is a more technical SEO tip than an on-page SEO tip. Backlinks were formerly considered the secret to SEO success. Although they continue to be a significant ranking factor for Google, their quality is now more significant than ever. Google released a further algorithm modification in 2021 that identified and depreciated unfavorable backlinks.

 7. Gain Insights into the Domain Authority Score of Other Backlinks

Use tools to gain insights into the domain authority score of different backlinks. So, instead of focusing on just getting tons of backlinks on your page, make sure you get a few that are to or from high authority sites. There are various backlink validation tools that can give you understandings into how valuable and effective a backlink is. If the it has a low domain authority score, you’re only hurting your site‘s SEO success by featuring it.

Concluding Thoughts 

The world of SEO is a complex and vast one. Perhaps it’s these very characteristics that make it all the more exciting – because it always keeps us on our toes. Whether you’re reaping the benefits of one of Google’s latest updates or still suffering from PTSD from the aftermath, one thing’s for certain: keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind will certainly come in handy when planning your next SEO strategy.

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