Artificial intelligence in action: how smart algorithms help improve business processes

Artificial intelligence in action: how smart algorithms help improve business processes
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12 August 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool for business development. For companies working with huge flows of information, it literally becomes a lifesaver - it helps to perform routine operations by processing data and providing analytics. Thanks to the work of ai solutions, a business gets a real basis for making the right and prompt decisions - numbers, criteria, recommended actions. And this allows you to improve and develop business processes, increase profitability.

How artificial intelligence works

The application of AI in business is an opportunity to offload the tedious tasks of processing big data, predicting decisions and compiling reports to machines. Any service based on artificial intelligence becomes smart as a result of machine learning: using given algorithms, it collects information, analyzes it, determines patterns, classifies data and generates conclusions.

The advantages and possibilities of artificial intelligence are already actively used in such processes:

  • Ensuring cybersecurity (protection against cyber scammers and phishing programs).

  • AI-based services track unusual behavior of programs and files, compare them with the behavior of safe resources, and block suspicious activity. This is how companies protect themselves from data leakage and fraud.

  • Sales and demand forecasting.

  • Based on checks and other purchase information, the computer can figure out:

  • Which products are the most in demand?

  • What buyers of a certain age category put in the basket.

  • What is more often bought together with some researched product.

  • How demand changes.

  • How do buyers react to stocks?

And the more data artificial intelligence processes, the smarter it becomes, the better the analytics and forecasts.

Customer service

Support services and consulting departments used to resolve all issues of company clients, from the simplest to those requiring global development. At the same time, complex issues could wait a long time for their turn due to minor problems that are solved in a jiffy. Now the services are assisted by bots (voice assistants), who can conduct complex dialogues and process dozens of calls per minute. Bots automatically escort the client to the solution of his question, if it is a standard one. And the operators take on only those issues that the bot cannot solve. As a result, business saves on labor resources, and issues are resolved much faster and more efficiently.

Is artificial intelligence a magic wand for business?

Yes, but only with the conscious participation of the entrepreneur. IT companies can offer businesses many ready-made solutions based on artificial intelligence. But without human interaction, AI will not make a business profitable overnight. First you need to set a goal, give the AI ​​a task, and only then use it to its full potential. The goal is set by the entrepreneur, he is the screenwriter, and the artificial intelligence is the director. And if the script is flawless, the chance of directing success increases.

What goals can be:

  1. Improving the marketing strategy through the analysis of customer interests.

  2. Improving the quality and efficiency of processes through testing different approaches.

  3. Identification of the need to strengthen the company's resources through the study of current processes.

  4. Identification of leading directions through demand research.

  5. With a specific goal, artificial intelligence:

  6. Collect and reduce data from various sources to a common denominator.

  7. Provides clear analytics.

  8. Generates forecasts.


As you can see, the use of AI in business provides great opportunities for the development of a variety of business processes and the company as a whole. And this is not a fashion trend, but a real necessity in the conditions in which companies operate now. This is especially true in the area of ​​sales.

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