Aspects Of Aesthetic Gynaecology

Aspects Of Aesthetic Gynaecology

The popularity and scope of plastic surgery has radically advanced in today’s world. it can be party owed to the face that there has be rapid advancement in science in the realm of plastic surgery because of which its scope has increased. It is no longer just about the face. today, one of the most distinct successes of cosmetics is the integration of cosmetic surgery with gynaecology creating this unique realm of aesthetic/ cosmetic gynaecology. So, in the recent years we have witnessed a steady but steep rise in the popularity of aesthetic/ cosmetic gynaecology and various procedures associated with it. The idea is to help women reverse the effects of natural processes such as old age and child-birth on the appearance of their vagina. The typical understanding of cosmetic gynaecology is that it is solely for aesthetics- which isn’t entirely false because it does work wonders in terms of the appearance and aesthetics of women’s vagina. But the reality is also that it can be used to treat serious concerns such as medical needs associated with accidents such as burns and issues such as genitalia mutilation. So, the procedures of aesthetic and cosmetic gynaecology has also been deployed effectively and efficiently to achieve positive and long-lasting results against concerns other than beauty or physical appearance or aesthetics. In this article we are going to talk about some of the top aspects of Aesthetic Gynaecology.


Labiaplasty is a cosmetic gynaecological procedure which is aimed at the labia- both the inner labia as well as the outer labia. Overtime a female individual may experience and overgrowing of labial skin which can intrude during intimacy or can cause other discomfort. With labiaplasty the excess skin can be removed and thus the problems associated can be solved. Typically, laser treatment will be used to remove the excess skin during the labiaplasty treatment and it will provide the comfort, confidence and the ease to have a healthy sex life. This also restores the youthfulness of the vagina which can restore the confidence in women in return.


Vaginoplasty is the most popular one. This ensures a reduction in the width of the vagina, which can be increased with age and natural conditions such as childbirth. The larger width can make sex joyless and may make women conscious. If you are looking for Aesthetic Gynaecology, consider Dr Jennifer Rose.



Hymenoplasty is a purely cosmetic procedure. In some cultures, it can become a little controversial because of the religious implications of virginity. The hymen has an opening in most cases wherein the opening allows for the flow of menstrual blood in women during periods. The opening can be widened during sexual intercourse or during activities such as horse riding or cycling. In this procedure, the hymen is made to look or mimic the initial shape of it.

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