Athena EHR's Client Referral Incentive Program

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Athena EHR's Client Referral Incentive Program

One of the most impressive features of Athena EHR is its client referral incentive program. This program allows providers to reward their clients for referring new patients to them. This software is also affordable and offers a host of features to help physicians and healthcare providers deliver better patient care. Read on to discover more about this company and the features it offers. Here are some of the benefits of using Athena EHR. We'll also discuss how Athena EHR's client referral incentive program makes referrals easier and more profitable.

Athena EHR's client referral incentive program

The FCA and AKS regulate the conduct of companies that offer kickbacks or other incentives in exchange for referring customers. Athena operated a client referral incentive program in which it offered up to $3, 000 to physicians and practices in exchange for referring new customers. The program also offered bonuses and gratuities, such as free airfare, accommodations, and tickets to sporting events. The FCA and AKS prohibit such conduct, so the FCA and AKS found Athena's referral program to be unlawful.

In 2016, Athena implemented a program called the Client Lead Generation (CLG) to reward existing clients for referring new clients. The program paid existing clients according to the value and volume of the business generated by the referred clients. The program changed its name from Client Lead Generation to Client Introductions after the company came under the threat of False Claims Act liability. While the program's name has changed, its substance has not.

It integrates with athenaClinicals practice management software

AthenaClinicals is a cloud-based EHR system that allows doctors to delegate certain tasks to other providers and staff members. The software also provides intelligent workflow and manages electronic connections and transactions, reducing administrative burden. In addition to offering patient health records, athenaClinicals also provides an online portal through which patients can securely communicate with their doctors. AthenaClinicals is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

AthenaClinicals EHR is a cloud-based EMR solution with a suite of features to streamline the documentation process. It provides clinicians with tools to access patient records wherever they are, including on the go. Epocrates, which includes clinical decision support for prescriptions, is also part of the athenaClinicals EHR solution. Ultimately, athenaEHR is a disruptive force in the medical record software industry. By understanding the basic needs of physicians, it focuses on delivering solutions that can benefit physicians and help them increase productivity.

It's affordable

Athena EHR is a great solution for small practices. While many competitors charge upwards of $1,000 per provider per month, Athena is affordable for small practices. This software can be purchased or a demo can be scheduled. The software is easy to use and has no upfront costs. Customers can choose from a range of plans, depending on the needs of their practice. The price of the system is determined based on the number of doctors.

This comprehensive EHR allows patients to communicate with their doctors, get prescription refills, and review their bills, among other features. There are special preparations for patients with special needs, and the interface is simple and intuitive. A physician can view their schedule and unpaid bills with a click of a button, and Athena syncing capabilities let them use their mobile devices with their existing IT infrastructure. They can access patient information and receive notifications, and they can review their health information from anywhere in the world.

It offers many features to help improve patient care

A physician may find that Athena EHR provides a number of useful features that can improve their practice. This system can automate patient data exchange with other systems, such as an EMR or a telemedicine platform. Athena also integrates with many athenahealth services, including apps for medical reference. Athenahealth also offers phone and emergency support in seven locations, including three in India.

Athenahealth has a calendar view so that front office staff can view their practice's schedule. In addition to viewing patient information, they can schedule appointments through the patient portal. Patients can also complete their own intake forms prior to their appointments. The patient portal also offers a HIPAA-compliant messaging tool for patients to communicate with staff and receive reminders. A variety of customizable reports are available in Athenahealth, including monthly, weekly, and yearly reports.

Among the EHR features available, Athenahealth's athenaCommunicator is a patient portal that allows patients to access their own health information. It also allows patients to view their health histories, make appointments, pay their bills, and receive automatic notifications. Additionally, the Athenahealth Network allows physicians to exchange information between participating healthcare facilities, providing personalized recommendations for every practice. Another key feature is AthenaClinicals' integrated telehealth software, which allows physicians to access patient data on the go.


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