AudiVax: Hearing Support Supplements, Does it Really Work and Safe?

AudiVax: Hearing Support Supplements, Does it Really Work and Safe?

One of the most common conditions that aging people face is hearing loss. Nearly half of those aged 75 and older have hearing loss. This condition has been affecting people in this age group for many decades. You may feel isolated or even unsafe if your hearing is lost. Cochlear implants can be difficult and costly, making them not practical for all people. AudiVax creators claim that they have spent many years searching for a permanent solution for hearing loss.

AudiVax, a natural hearing aid, was developed by the company after years of research. This formula is made up of natural ingredients, which the manufacturer claims works better than any other.

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What is AudiVax?


AudiVax, a tinnitus product sold through. This supplement is targeted at people who are looking for natural remedies to tinnitus.

Tinnitus is often associated with ringing in the ears or whooshing sounds. Tinnitus can make it difficult to fall asleep. AudiVax has ingredients that relax and rest the body. This makes it easier to fall asleep, while protecting your body from stress.

AudiVax includes melatonin and tryptophan as well as other herbal and plant extracts. Adam B. Davis is the creator of AudiVax. He claims God healed his tinnitus when he prayed in the church. He now wants to share his tinnitus cure with the world through AudiVax.

AudiVax can be purchased at for $69 per bottle.The supplement was manufactured in Colorado's Denver metro area.

How Does AudiVax Work?

Scientists have determined that tinnitus can be caused by damage to the ears. Doctors might recommend a variety of therapies to reverse or target this damage. These therapies can provide relief for some people, while others may experience permanent tinnitus.

Adam claims otherwise. The creator of AudiVax suggests that you forget all you know about Tinnitus. He claims that doctors, big pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals will lie to you about your tinnitus. They want to support the multibillion-dollar industry of hearing aids and the drug market.

Adam claims that big pharmaceutical companies are controlled by "The Lord of Lies." These companies lie to customers to get them to continue buying their hearing aids. Doctors are also bought by pharmaceutical companies, who tell them to tell patients that there is no cure for tinnitus.

Adam claims this is false. He suggests following Adam's tinnitus treatment plan and taking his supplement to permanently eliminate tinnitus symptoms.

Adam claims that his solution is effective for people of all ages, and all levels of severity of tinnitus. Adam's supplement can be used to permanently stop ringing and whirring from tinnitus.

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AudiVax: Scientific Evidence


AudiVax's creator does not claim to be a doctor or to have nutritional certifications. He claims that God gave him the cure to tinnitus and that he wants to share it with the world via AudiVax.

Although the titled "References", few studies have shown that AudiVax ingredients can provide permanent relief from tinnitus. The majority of ingredients are sleep aids, not hearing supplements. AudiVax's formula looks almost identical to those sold online for sleep aids.

AudiVax's 10mg melatonin could put you to sleep quickly. Researchers analyzed hundreds of studies about melatonin's effect on humans in this review. Researchers concluded that melatonin had a significant effect on waking up and getting to sleep efficiently. Melatonin supplements are often used by pilots and flight attendants to manage shift work.

Surprisingly researchers studied the effects of Melatonin on Tinnitus. Researchers found that melatonin was associated with a statistically significant reduction in the severity of tinnitus symptoms.

Researchers gave a melatonin to tinnitus sufferers in a 2011 study. Researchers analyzed the quality of sleep and severity of tinnitus in patients who had taken a melatonin supplement for 30 days. This study included 61 subjects.

After 30 days of testing, researchers concluded that Melatonin improves sleep quality in patients suffering from chronic tinnitus. There is no evidence to suggest that melatonin can permanently cure tinnitus or eliminate the root cause.

A WebMD article from 2006 also found a link between melatonin and tinnitus. Researchers discovered that melatonin supplements may be able to reduce tinnitus by improving sleep.

Ltryptophan is the most important ingredient in AudiVax. L-tryptophan, an amino acid that is essential for cognitive function, hormone production and overall health and well-being, is crucial. L-tryptophan is a common amino acid that can be taken daily to reduce anxiety and calm the mind. L-tryptophan seems to be a serotonin precursor. Serotonin can be a positive hormone. You can increase serotonin levels by taking L-tryptophan. This could help reduce anxiety and stress in the brain, which may indirectly aid in tinnitus symptoms. There is no evidence L-tryptophan stops ringing in the ears permanently. Furthermore, no large studies have examined the effects of L'tryptophan for patients suffering from tinnitus.

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gojiberry is the second-largest component in AudiVax. This ingredient is something that we don't often see in sleep aids and tinnitus supplement products. There are no studies that have examined the effects of gojiberry on hearing and tinnitus. Some use gojiberry as an herbal treatment for tinnitus and claim it supports kidney health. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that kidney health and hearing are linked because they share the same energy meridian.

AudiVax has ingredients that can help you fall asleep. Tinnitus can make it difficult for some people to fall asleep at night. Tinnitus can be worsened by poor sleep quality. AudiVax can help with specific symptoms such as tinnitus by helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. It is unlikely that it will permanently stop ringing in the ears or cure tinnitus. This is especially true for severe cases.

AudiVax Ingredients


AudiVax stands out from other products by focusing on the root cause of the problem. It uses many ingredients to achieve this.

  • Rhodiola – A root that is found in the colder regions of Europe & Asia and has been used in traditional medicines for centuries, rhodiola can be found in these areas. Rhodiola is believed to reduce inflammation in the nervous systems, thereby facilitating hearing. Rhodiola was used often to reduce anxiety and fatigue.
  • Lemon BalmAccording AudiVax they source over-ripe citrus to increase oxygen levels in the eardrums. Lemon balm is also the name for a mint plant that's used in traditional herbal medicine to fight stress and infection, and mildly sedative.
  • Hawthorn.Scientific research on humans and animals has shown that hawthorn improves circulation, blood flow to the coronary arteries, and lowers blood pressure. Audivax supplements are essential because of the importance of blood flow, according to experts.
  • Valerian-Valerian has long been used as a mild sedative. Valerian may also be thought to reduce anxiety and have other neural properties.
  • Passion Flower – Native to Central & South America. Passion flowers have been used as medicines for hundreds of years. Passionflower extracts provide the needed rest for cells and organs that are responsible for hearing.
  • Skullcap-AudiVax states that skullcap flowers can improve hearing because it boosts the number of filial cells necessary for hearing. There are two species of skullcap, one from North America and one from Asia. Both have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Chamomile-Born in the United States, chamomile has been enjoyed as a tea for centuries and used to treat a variety of health problems. It is an anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and has promise. It could help reduce inflammation that can affect the hearing.
  • Ashwagandha- Native to India and North America. Ashwagandha has been used for Ayurvedic medicine since thousands of years. It is a strong adaptogen and has many medicinal properties. AudiVax claims it can strengthen the eardrums and increase the growth of filial cell, which are responsible to hearing.

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What are the Benefits of AudiVax?

AudiVax is made from organic ingredients and has many benefits for your body. Let's take a look at some of the benefits offered by the supplement.

Higher audibility -Ear infections and tinnitus can cause damage to your ears. They can also affect your hearing ability. AudiVax NZ's natural ingredients may be able to resolve hearing problems in as little as a few weeks. These ingredients may help you to have better hearing abilities.

Clear hearing - This natural supplement can make your hearing sound better every day. It can also help improve your hearing and increase your hearing ability. Enjoy your music and audio clips like never before. This product can reduce interruptions when listening to music or speaking on your mobile phone.

Toxin-free productMany products on the market contain GMOs and chemicals. AudiVax UK does not contain any chemicals, GMOs, stimulants or other toxins that could cause harm to your body or ears. This product is not like other supplements that can become habit-forming. It can be taken for short or long-term depending on your body's needs.

Made to standards -AudiVax supplements are made according to strict standards. Even if they are used for a prolonged period of time, side effects may not occur. This product is superior to other artificial products on the market.

Tinnitus relief - Many people use the AudiVax Tinnitus Supplement to relieve their Tinnitus. It can improve your hearing and ear health. These capsules can help you to have clearer hearing.

How to Buy Bottle AudiVax?


A bottle of AudiVax can only be purchased from the official website. It's not available in any other stores, online or physical. Due to the high cost of this supplement's finest ingredients, the company can only produce a small number of bottles at the moment. The demand is high and stock levels are low at the moment. Make sure you reserve your AudiVax supplements bottles as soon as possible.

There are three types of packages you can buy from the official website:

  • Six bottles at $294 each - Only $49 per bottle
  • Three bottles for $177, only $59 each
  • One bottle at $69

Free shipping is available for orders made from the United States. International shipping costs $15.95

Fill out the form on the website to secure your package. AudiVax is the solution to all your fears, frustrations, embarrassments and cochlear implant placements.

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