Avoid Leakage With Mechanical Seals

Avoid Leakage With Mechanical Seals

Do you want to be aware of the factors one needs to consider while choosing mechanical seals? These devices can work tirelessly for several years without hassle, provided you have exercised due diligence in their selection process. 

Certain pointers for selection

To ensure proper selection, one needs to carefully consider the operating conditions and characteristics of the materials. Pneumatic Seals play a pivotal role in the regulation of gas flows through the maintenance of specific pressure levels in cylinders. The factors to be kept in mind while making a selection are discussed below.

  • Determination of the exact liquid

In the selection process identifying the exact liquid is essential. The material selected must be able to stand against the processed fluid. Careful attention should be given to material selection, and you should check for chemical compatibility. In case of a wrong choice, there are higher chances of failure. Specially engineered Pneumatic Sealswork in a dynamic environment.

  • Existence of pressure

One of the significant parameters to measure the seal condition is the seal chamber pressure. The pressure plays a dominant role in determining the kind of seal needed, be it balanced or unbalanced.

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  • The temperature of the liquid

The material selection must be done appropriately to tackle the temperature of the liquid. The materials are offered ratings based on specific temperatures. There is no way you should cross the temperature limit.

  • Characteristics of the liquid

If you want to enjoy the seal’s full life span, then it is necessary to have awareness about the viscosity of the liquid. Excess wear and tear may result from the action of abrasive liquids. This feature will lead to the shortening of the life of the seal. The existence of double seals helps in operating in case of challenging fluids.

  • Concerns regarding emissions

The standards of each company vary. The operating procedures also differ, especially in matters relating to emission concerns. The seal type must be selected carefully so that it can satisfy the emission standards of the pump. With the emergence of the environmental safety topic in the case of manufacturing companies, the ideal solution is double seals. 

  • Installation perspective

After buying high-quality products, the next step is the installation aspect. Measurements must be made with accuracy. Otherwise, the rings in the product may become damaged. Take care to read the installation print properly.

  • Utilization of illustrations

The standard document states the requirements for sealing systems. It has illustrations. Requirements and suggestions are provided by way of clauses and tables. To seek an advantage, it is essential to gain an understanding of the scope of the standard. 

To learn more

You should call up a certified company that has made its mark as an established seal manufacturer. They should offer an extensive range of leakage solutions for all kinds of pump applications. If you have questions, then you should write an email or call the customer care specialists. The company you are considering should be an established name in the market. You may ask for suitable recommendations from your business associates. 

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