Balloon Clips - Advantages of Using Them

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Traditionally, people have been either tying inflated balloons into a knot at the opening or using a string to keep the air in. During ceremonies where balloons are commonly used, this can be wearying. It is a time consuming and tiring process that often requires the efforts of two or more people to get the task done quickly.

However, the invention of balloon clips has made everything so much easier. These little clips are handy for functions that require more than 50 balloons to decorate. They are sold in packs at very reasonable rates. Most packs come with 100 clips, with other packs having 144, 500 and even 1000 pieces.

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There are many advantages of using balloon clips.
- Top on this list is time saving. You will be able to clip all your balloons within a short time, freeing you to finish other tasks. Using balloon clips saves more than half the time you spend tying the balloons using fingers.
- They are also easy to use, much easier than trying to tie the balloons using your fingers.
- They are cost effective. For someone holding a party where they hope to put up 200 balloons or more, the alternative would be to sub contract one or more people to tie the balloons for you.
- They are re-usable. After buying one pack, you can keep using the clips repeatedly; there is no limit to the length of time you can use them.
- They are durable. Balloon clips are made from durable material.
- They are safe to use, both for humans and for the environment.

The method of operation may slightly differ with different brands, but the principle is basically the same. You can buy clips in two forms: either loose clips or chain clips. To use the loose clip, simply snap the clip around the neck of the balloon using your fingertips. If you are adding ribbons to your balloons, you can easily clip this together with the balloon.

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