BASTA! Spring 2020 – taster-preview to the spring program

Alex Alex 14 November 2019
BASTA! Spring 2020 – taster-preview to the spring program

The spring version of BASTA!-Conference .NET, Windows, and Open Innovation will take place from 24. – 28. February 2020 in Frankfurt. Find out more about our program, preview, clean, up today is a particularly favourable early bird tariff.</valid p>

Strong skills in C#, .NET, Cloud and web technologies noopener make BASTA! for more than 20 years, the leading conference for Microsoft technologies, Web and more. In the spring of 2020, our experts can present to you once again, solutions for the challenges of the future – with our hands-on Keynotes, Sessions and Power Workshops, they are always on the pulse of the Microsoft-time.

From 24. up to the 28. February 2020, the BASTA! Spring 2020 in Frankfurt instead. The whole Microsoft world at a conference: Whether Cloud or Server, Agile, or DevOps – BASTA! gives the Know .NET developer or not.

BASTA! Power-Workshops

BASTA! Spring 2020 – main conference days of Power-Workshops on Monday and Friday. Jörg Neumann, in Machine Learning, and Cognitive Services. In this Workshop, participants will learn how to develop smart Apps with Azure Machine Learning. C#-8 and .NET Core 3 are in the focus of Rainer Stropeks Power Workshop. Manfred Steyer introduces into Angular: Best Practices and architectures for business applications. This as a taste – in about ten Power-Workshop you can actively contribute your developers themes and concerns.

BASTA! Special Days and more

broadly, we are prepared to the Special Days and, in addition, the planning is in full swing. Currently we can tell you so much: C# and Cloud Development are strongly represented. Blazor for Cross-platform applications .NET-Core, the variety of Azure Services and micro-services are just some of the elements of our broad range of topics. As usual, BASTA connects! the high expert level and the practical relevance of our Speaker to create a coherent experience for our participants. First Highlights are already online.

"but Who goes nowadays, in web development, is drowning in all the possibilities and innovations – the BASTA! the island for all of the Stranded is.“

Fabian Gosebrink

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