Become an In-Demand Machine Learning and AI Pro with these top 10 AI certifications

Become an In-Demand Machine Learning and AI Pro with these top 10 AI certifications
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02 November 2020

The innovative creation of smart machines is done by the utilization of Artificial Intelligence. These machines have the ability to perform some tough activities which require the intelligence of humans. This is useful in many of the companies or industries, including healthcare and so on. 

Best Courses and Certifications - AI

Some of the best certification and courses are as follows:

1.      AI Engineering Professional Certificate - IBM 

If you want to expand your career in the field of artificial intelligence, then this can be a great choice for you to consider. It opens up the choice for several job roles for you. Machine learning and deep learning concepts are the main topics which you will get a complete understanding of. It offers complete details on the concepts and fundamentals of deep learning and machine learning. 

 It will help you understand and acquire the knowledge related to each and every topic associated with artificial intelligence. You require three months to complete it. However, it might take more or fewer hours, depending on your hard work. 

Course Provider: Coursera

2.      Deep Learning 

This course will enable you to accumulate knowledge regarding the topics or concepts, including deep learning, direct ML projects, neural networks, and so on. It is also possible for you to get the chances to work industries and accumulate real-world project experience. It takes three months to complete it.

Course Provider: Coursera

3.      Artificial Intelligence: Business Strategies and Applications

It is best suitable for managers, senior leaders, functional business heads, and so on. You will understand how to implement AI applications along with its potential and competency. You will also acquire knowledge regarding machine learning, robotics, automation, and so on. In addition, you will gain eight different modules present in AI.  

You require around two months finishing or completing the course. Also, you can get the certification after the completion of this course.

Course Provider: BerkeleyExecEd

4.      Artificial Intelligence Certification by Columbia University 

It will help you to attain experience in a specific line of work related to Artificial Intelligence. It will offer numerous lectures and training to help you gain more knowledge and skills to achieve success in your career.

You need twelve months to complete it. Applying the knowledge you acquired in this course is possible in various fields. 

Course Provider: edX

5.      AI For Everyone 

It is known that Artificial intelligence is a very tough topic to master. However, if you intend to pursue a career in this line of work, this course might make it simpler and easier for you. It provides all the basic concepts, terminologies and fundamentals related to AI. 

Course Provider: Coursera

6.      Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s Program 

If you want to pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence, with this Artificial Intelligence Course, you can get all the necessary skills and knowledge needed in this line of work. It can also guarantee you in obtaining a successful career. You can learn the skills directly for certified professionals in this course. It helps you to accumulate more and more experience.  

Course Provider: Simplilearn 

7.      Artificial Intelligence Nanodegrees 

Since the demand for AI has been increasing rapidly over the years, this course has obtained some popularity amongst the applicants. It provides the chances for the applicants to expand their career in AI. It offers every concepts and theory related to AI products, Machine Learning, Deep learning, and so on. If you are successful in finishing or completing the course, you will obtain a certificate.  

Course Provider: Udacity

8.      Artificial Intelligence Course

You will get the chance to learn about Artificial Intelligence from a certified expert. It offers all the basic concepts or theories regarding AI using Python. It also offers you to accumulate experience in machine learning and its methods. 

Course Provider: Udemy 

9.      Data Science Professional Certificate

You have to finish a total of nine courses to get this certification. It will help you master numerous theories and concepts crucial in this line of work. It contains various lectures that offer knowledge on topics or concepts like classification, libraries, examining, evaluation, open-source tools, and so on. 

Course Provider: Coursera

10.  Advanced AI Tutorial

Neural Networks and Deep Learnings are explained in this course. Using these concepts, you will understand about artificial intelligence. More than 10,000 applicants or students have selected this program. It requires around seven hours to complete this course. 

 Course Provider: Udemy

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