Benefits of a Small PC

Benefits of a Small PC
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When people talk about buying a powerful PC, you probably immediately think of a huge tower that would barely fit under your desk, glowing neon and incredibly intimidating. But a lot of people overlook the benefits of a portable gaming computer. So here’s the reasons this is another great option when upgrading your battle station.

Takes Up Less Space
The first benefit is obvious but still worth mentioning! If you have a smaller desk setup or a cramped apartment, having a portable gaming computer is a great option. You can still play almost all of the same games but the tower is a lot easier to fit in your room.

Cost Effective
If you want an exciting and immersive gaming experience without paying top dollar, a portable gaming computer is a great way to go. They are usually a lot less expensive than the most powerful, biggest towers out there. This means you can spend the extra money on a keyboard, headset, and games.

LAN Parties
If you have friends who love to host LAN parties, a portable gaming computer is the perfect solution. While it provides a great gaming experience at home, it is also a lot more versatile than larger towers. You can bring it with you to LAN parties with a lot less hassle, making it much less of a headache to take it there and then bring it back home after.

Powerful Components
While portable computers are often smaller and more cost effective, that doesn’t mean the quality is lacking. At CLX Gaming, the smaller computers still have the latest gaming technology packed inside. This means powerful gaming cards and other components that make it possible to play almost all of the latest games.

Like all the other CLX Gaming PCs, the smaller model is also fully customizable. This means you can have all of the components for your specific gameplay needs and even change around the appearance to match your aesthetic. This is a great way to build your own PC without the hassle of buying all the parts separately and then setting it up yourself at home. With CLX, you can have it customized before it arrives, so you can start gaming right when it’s unpacked.

Full Support
If you have any troubles setting up your PC or are unsure which components to upgrade, CLX has a full staff of gaming PC experts that can help you at any time. You can discuss your gaming needs with them before purchasing your portable PC or even have them help with troubleshooting and starting up your PC at home.

Easy Port Access
A smaller PC is a lot easier to maneuver. You’ll find it’s a lot easier to plug things in when you don’t have to reach around a giant machine. It’s also easier to move around if needed since it’s lighter.

Dust and Damage Protection
Oftentimes, large PCs have to sit on the ground under your desk. That’s due to their heaviness and size, of course. But smaller PCs can fit on your desk, meaning they don’t have to sit on the ground collecting dust and getting accidentally kicked or bumped into. You can also avoid more spillage.

Looking for the best customizable and portable gaming computer? Check out CLX Gaming’s Scarab, which is compact and powerful.

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