Benefits Of Wildlife Tourism

Benefits Of Wildlife Tourism

In this article we are going to talk about some of the major benefits of wildlife tourism. 

Wildlife tourism is an excellent way to educated the tourists on aspects pertaining to conservation, ecosystems and environment protection. There are more than thirty thousand species on earth which are facing the threat of extinction from the face of planet earth. What is even more surprising is the fact that everyday somewhere between 2-15 species go extinct. 

That means, they permanently cease to exist on the face of earth. This is a rapid decline in the biodiversity of the planet. And it is a sad reality that this rapid deterioration of biodiversity on the planet is un known to many people. This can be attributed to the fact that there is not enough or ample information on wildlife extinction and that some of these species are not local, rather exist halfway across the world. 

It is important that people experience these wildlife species in the first hand so as to become aware and concerned about the existence of these species and saving them from certain oblivion. This is where wildlife tourism comes into the picture. It is part and parcel of eco-tourism (where tourism is not distorting the fundamentals of nature and environment and the two elements are in perfect sync). 

It is important that people see these species in their natural habitat and their natural environment and experience their majestic nature and existence first hand. Wildlife tourism is one of the most excellent ways which allows human to see and experience the true beauty of wildlife and make them aware of the pressing need to preserve wildlife biodiversity for the sake of our own planet’s existence. 

When they go home, they carry this information with them and tend to share the same with the people and this further leads to spreading of the ideas of conservation and preservation. When they have seen it and experienced it with their own eyes there is a renewed sense of passion in them towards conservation and preservation, something which the books and news alone cannot achieve to the truest extent. 

Wildlife tourism is actually a major eco-friendly industry which accounts for somewhere about 20% to 40% of net value of the entire tourism industry. For wildlife tourism to be what it is intended to be- that is an eye opener, a major booster of preservation and conservation efforts and a promoter of biodiversity conservation. 

It can give a major impetus to awareness creation provided that it is closely monitored and regulated to ensure that no human activity interrupts wildlife and their natural habitat. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of eco-wildlife tourism. This means that controlling human actions and activities within the domain of protected areas is really important. If you are looking for Campbell River wildlife tours, consider 50 North Adventures.

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