Berserk- The most influential dark fantasy manga on Manga Stream

Berserk- The most influential dark fantasy manga on Manga Stream
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Berserk is one of the famous and celebrated manga on the Manga Stream. It is a dark fantasy manga, so if you love reading about dark theme, action, and human behavior, this manga is for you. There is also an anime series of manga with the same name, and it contains some 25 episodes. The berserk story follows the life of Guts, a warrior but later turns into an apostle slayer.


Birth and meeting Griffith-

Guts was born from his mother’s lynched corpse. He was raised in a mercenary group led by Gambino. Gambino always considered the Guts birth as ominous. 

During his growing years, he was under the care of Shisu. But when Guts was three, Shisu died from the plague. Shisu’s death enhanced the hatred of Gambino towards Guts. Due to this, Gambino once tried to sell Guts, but after the failed attempt, he tried to take the Guts’ life. But Guts unintentionally killed Gambino while defending himself. Disheartened by killing his own adoptive father, Guts ran away from the group. 

After growing up, Guts became a fearsome fighter. He caught the attention of Griffith, the leader of Band of Hawk. Griffith defeated him in a battle and forced Guts to join his mercenary group. Guts was a furious fighter, and because of his fighting skills, he became Griffith’s best warrior. 

Leaving the Hawks- 

During Guts’ time in the Hawks, he learned about Griffith’s pendent Behelit and Griffith’s desire to become the ruler of a kingdom of his own.  

Later, Hawks were appointed as the knights of the kingdom of Midland. Eventually, they won the hundred-year war against the Tudor empire. Meanwhile, Guts developed a romantic relationship with the unit commander and the only female in the Hawks, Casca.     


Finally, Guts left the Hawks after defeating Griffith in single combat.

But after the Guts left the group, Griffith got devastated. Griffith ruined his reputation after mistreating the king’s daughter, Charlotte. So Midland imprisoned Griffith and started a hunt for the Hawks. 

Guts spent his next year in hard training to become the best swordsman. 

But meanwhile, he kept returning temporarily for Casca and later helped the Hawks to rescue Griffith. Also, while training to become the best swordsman, he encounters a mysterious being. He named it “the Skull Knight.” Skull Knight warned the guts about “Eclipse.”

Events in the ceremony of The Eclipse- 

During the ceremony of Eclipse, Griffith unknowingly activated the Behelit, his pendent. Because of this, Hawks were transported to another dimension, where they encountered “God hand,” an archdemon.


The God hands offer Griffith to join them, but to join them, Griffith had to sacrifice all his soldiers to “apostles.” Griffith accepted the proposal, and all of this Hawk’s soldiers were slaughtered by the demons except Guts and Casca.


After completing the sacrifice, Griffith was reborn as the “Femto.” Femto became the fifth and final member of “God Hand’s.” 

Guts lost his right eye and left forearm in the attempt to save Casca from Femto.

Both Guts and Casca were saved by Skull Knight and brought back to the physical world. But Casca lost consciousness because of what happened to her and Hawks during the eclipse ceremony. Casca was left in the care of blacksmith Godo while Guts swore revenge on Griffith. 

Guts received the Berserk Armor, Griffith rose to power- 

Two years after the Eclipse ceremony, Puck and Isidro joined the Guts in his journey. 

Puck suggested Guts that Casca’s mind might be restored if they take her to the Elven realm of Elfhelm. He agreed on this idea. Guts and his companions were soon joined by Schierke’s master, the witch Flora.

Guts also received the ultimate armor, the Berserk Armor. 

Meanwhile, Griffith created a second band of the Hawk with Zodd. Griffith defeated the Ganishka and completely destroyed Ganishka’s empire. Finally, Griffith was unopposed and obtained his own kingdom.

He controlled the kingdom of Midland with the endorsement of the Pope and Princess Charlotte. He created the city of Falconia to provide refuge to Midlander and the rest of humanity. The motive behind creating the city was to save the people from the attacks of mythical beasts, but the people were unaware of the fact that their own ruler was a beast. 

Restoring Casca’s mind and Guts learned his own past- 

Guts and his party headed towards the Elfhelm. The Elf ruler, Danann, helped Farnese and Schierke to travel into Casca’s mind, and they succeeded in restoring her memories. However, Casca still had not overcome the trauma from the events of the eclipse. At the same time, Guts encountered the Skull Knight again, who told him about his journey. Skull Knight guided him to the creator of the Berserker Armour. Also, Guts learned about his own past with God’s hand. 

About the Manga 

Mangas are Japanese comics, and they are popular around the world. Some popular series like Dragon Ball, Case Closed, and One-Punch man have also adapted their stories from the respective mangas. You can read all of these mangas on the digital platform of the Manga Stream. The platform has contained a bunch of new and old mangas. Moreover, you can also download the manga app to stream your famous comic. You can create a list of your favorite manga and continue enjoying them without any interruption of ads. 

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