Best CATIA Training Institute in Delhi

Best CATIA Training Institute in Delhi
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Machine Design Experts with CATIA

Welcome to the Machine Design experts Page. This page includes a list of experts from around the globe that contribute content on a regular basis. Browse the list, view their content, and connect with them. If you are interested in joining the community, please send an email to and introduce yourself.


Andrew Girson Expertise: Embedded Systems for Automotive, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, Avionics, and IoT, Wireless Systems, Mobile Systems, Intellectual Property, Product & Financial Management


Barr Group co-founder and CEO Andrew Girson has over 20 years of experience in the embedded systems industry, in software engineering and corporate leadership roles. Girson has served as CEO, CTO, and VP of Sales and Marketing at multiple companies, concentrating on high-quality embedded, wireless, and mobile systems. He has consulted with a variety of organizations in the areas of intellectual property evaluation and protection, product development, and financial management.


Girson is the author of dozens of printed articles and conference presentations and has served on the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards for several organizations. Girson holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Virginia.



Bradford Golden

se Expertise: Innovation, Metrics, R&D, Manufacturing


Bradford L. Goldense is founder and president of Goldense Group, Inc. [GGI] (, a consulting, market research, and education firm focused on business and technology management strategies and practices for product creation, development, and commercialization. He has been an adjunct faculty member of the graduate engineering school at Tufts University's Gordon Institute for 19 years. Goldense is a Certified New Product Development Professional [NPDP], a Certified Manufacturing Engineer [CMfgE], a Certified Computer Professional [CCP], and is Certified In Production & Inventory Management [CPIM]. He holds over 200 registered copyrights and is a recognized subject-matter expert, including appearances on PBS and CNBC. He has consulted to over 250 companies and over 750 manufacturing locations on four continents since founding GGI in 1986. Goldense holds an MBA in Accounting from the Cornell Johnson School and a BSCE from Brown University. For more information, please see Brad's LinkedIn profile or visit GGI's home page.




Chris Brunai Expertise: Fasteners, CNC Machining, Lean Manufacturing, & Machine Design

Chris joined Stress Indicators in 2010 and is a graduate of The University of Maryland Clark School of Engineering, where he studied mechanical engineering. Chris designed and built Stress Indicators’ Gaithersburg manufacturing facility and leads product design and development of SmartBolts. He is the company’s chief engineer.



Laurence Claus Expertise: Fasteners, Six Sigma, Standards

Laurence Claus is President of NNi Training and Consulting Inc.. He holds a BSME from the University of Illinois, is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, and has almost 30 years of experience in the fastener industry. Prior to forming NNi Training and Consulting Inc., he was Vice President of Engineering with a prominent automotive fastener manufacturer. He regularly contributes to industry fastener standards activity by currently serving on multiple fastener standards committees, ASME B18, ASTM F16, ISO TC 2, and the SAE Fastener Committee and until recently on the National Aerospace Standards Committee (NASC) as a Technical Advisor. He is very engaged with the Industrial Fasteners Institute and coordinates their in-house training activities.



Douglas Hoon Expertise: Optics, Materials, Sporting Goods

Douglas Hoon is a member of several small start-ups focused on sporting goods, advanced packaging concepts for portion-controlled foods and beverages, various consumer products, and safer guns. He previously spent almost 35 years in engineering fields related to precision optics and advanced composites manufacturing and innovation consulting. Hoon earned an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a B.S. in general engineering from the U.S. Military Academy. For more information, see his profile on



Gian Paolo Bassi Expertise: CAD

Gian Paolo's journey started when he got my degree in mechanical engineering in 1984. He founded a startup straight out of the University of Bologna, Italy, to work on parametric 3D CAD. He worked on 3D software for several years and developed a strong background in research and development. In 1994, he moved to the United States and was working with Computer Vision. He continued to develop startup companies when he moved to Silicon Valley and later partnered with Dassault Systèmes. The companies he helped found were focused on innovation, new products, and ultimately became part of the CATIA portfolio in the early 2000s. Afterward, he started consultant work on architecture projects. Dassault Systèmes acquired his consulting firm and made him vice president of research and development in 2011. In 2015, he was offered the position of CEO. He still retains his title of VP of R&D, which is very typical of Dassault. It is a very strong technology-oriented company and the heads of their brands come from strong engineering backgrounds. This helps bring Dassault to the forefront of research and innovation for CAD, CAM, and PLM. 

Gian Paolo's:

Steve Radzevich Expertise: CAD, CAM, Gear Design, Software, Gear Design

Steve is a professor of mechanical engineering and a professor of manufacturing engineering. He received my Master’s in science in 1976, Ph.D. in 1982, and his doctorate in science (engineering) in 1991, all in mechanical engineering. He has extensive industrial experience in gear design and manufacture. He has also developed numerous software packages dealing with computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided machining (CAM) of precise gear finishing for a variety of industrial sponsors.His main research interest is the kinematic geometry of part surface generation, with a particular focus on precision gear design, high-power-density gear trains; torque share in multi-flow gear trains; design of special-purpose gear cutting/finishing tools; and design and machine (finish) of precision gears for low-noise and noiseless transmissions of cars, light trucks, and so on. He has spent over 40 years developing software, hardware, and other processes for gear design and optimization. Besides his work for industry, he trains engineering students at universities and gear engineers in companies.He has authored and coauthored over 30 monographs, handbooks, and textbooks. The monographs Generation of Surfaces (RASTAN, 2001), Kinematic Geometry of Surface Machining (CRC Press, 2007, 2nd Edition 2014), CAD/CAM of Sculptured Surfaces on Multi-Axis NC Machine: The DG/K-Based Approach (M&C Publishers, 2008), Gear Cutting Tools: Fundamentals of Design and Computation (CRC Press, 2010), Precision Gear Shaving (Nova Science Publishers, 2010), Dudley’s Handbook of Practical Gear Design and Manufacture (CRC Press, 2nd Edition, 2012, 3rd Edition 2016), Geometry of Surfaces: A Practical Guide for Mechanical Engineers (Willey, 2013) are among my most recently published volumes. He has also authored and coauthored over 600 scientific papers, and hold over 250 patents on inventions in the field (USA, Japan, Russia, Europe, Canada, Soviet Union, South Korea, Mexico, and others).


Bryan Kester Expertise: IoT, Autodesk

Bryan was the CEO of SeeControl, which was acquired by Autodesk in October of 2015. SeeControl was established in 2010 and was a one-stop shop in the cloud for building Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It did data collection and analytics (real time or historical), but more importantly was that people could build IoT applications without being a software developer. It was geared toward business analysts and engineers, whether they were mechanical, civil, or electrical—groups that are not experts in three-tier web applications that millions of devices need to use and interface with.Prior to that, he was a venture capitalist and operating executive focusing in on startups around the Silicon Valley area. The common thread is that he has always had this fascination with IoT going back to the early RFID days in the early 2000s. He worked with a company that did healthcare RFID, which was acquired by Cardinal Health. He has always been fascinated with being able to control things over the Internet, which led to him teaming up with our CTO to create the platform they have today.They agreed to be acquired by Autodesk because they have a fantastic vision toward the cloud. This vision addresses the current movement of people designing electronics and sensors in to everything because it has become cost-effective. This technology is not necessarily new, but it is now cheaper and achievable.


Sangbae Kim Expertise: Robotics, Microbiotics

Sangbae Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea, where he attended Yonsei University. He graduated with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. Afterwards he attended Stanford University to obtain his master’s degree and my PhD. Stanford is where he started working with bio-robotics for the first time. In 2006, he worked with Prof. Mark Cutkosky to develop the Stickybot, which won Time Magazine’s Best Invention 2006. Stickybot is a gecko-inspired robot that could climb walls. He invented the directional adhesive that allowed the tiny hairs on the gecko’s feet to cling to the walls. The interaction between the toe hair and the wall is a molecular attraction called “van der Waals force.” This allows the gecko to hang on and support its weight on one toe while placing the other on the surface. He studied a lot about biomechanics and biology and tried to discover design principles to implement in mobile platforms. Afterwards, he completed one post-doc year in Harvard at the microrobotics lab. In 2009, he started his assistant professorship at MIT and started working on the MIT Cheetah robot. This past year in 2016 he was awarded tenure at MIT.



Craig Hooker Expertise: Electromechanical Linear Actuators, Sensorized Bearings, Torque Sensing, Linear Bearings, Rotary Bearings, Direct Drive Motors

Craig Hooker is the Director of Production Machinery Business Unit for Schaeffler Group USA Inc. Craig is responsible for Schaeffler’s industrial automation sector as well as all linear products in the Americas. He is also in charge of Schaeffler’s mechatronics product portfolio in the region, including electromechanical actuators and sensorized bearings. In addition to business development, Craig’s focus areas include engineering support and product development.



Mark Duncan Expertise: Product Management, Automation, IoT, Manufacturing

Mark joined the Square D Company in April 1983, which became part of Schneider Electric in 1991. Over the decades, he has worked in various positions from product management, project engineering, and marketing to business development, including a three-year stint in France. Schneider Electric today is a global specialist in energy management and automation, with 160,000 people in over 100 countries.Schneider Electric sees the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as an “evolution,” not a “revolution.” They invest about 5% of their revenues into R&D annually. They draw on their long history of innovation in open architectures and Ethernet-based technologies to guide our customers through this transformation. The IIoT brings about a world where their smart connected products and subsystems operate as part of larger systems of systems. They see the plant of tomorrow as a smart plant—a truly connected and sustainable ecosystem where plants and machines work together in a secure and collaborative way to put technology at the service of people for greater empowerment and efficiency.



Jon DeSouza Expertise: Industrial Applications, Industrial Connectivity

Jon joined HARTING in December of 2008 as head of HARTING’s North America sales and business operations and was appointed the president and CEO of HARTING Inc. of North America in 2013. The last years were very exciting as they gained significant market share and triple digit revenue growth by designing and executing an extensive restructuring process and business development plan. They focused on educating the industry on new technologies which resulted in a shift to connectorization in industrial applications. Today HARTING is positioned as one of the leaders in industrial connectivity across North America.



Scott C. Hibbard Expertise: Control Systems, Motion Control, CNC, Servo Systems, Industry 4.0/IoT, Communication Standards

Scott C. Hibbard is the V.P. of Technology, Industrial Applications for Bosch Rexroth Corporation. Scott has been in industrial control for 40 years, playing key roles in the first practical brushless drives (Indramat) & multi-processing CNCs, as well as digital precision motion control.

Revolutionary AutoCAD has changed the way millions of people from around the world design and draft. And you could be one of them. In this course, you'll get a comprehensive introduction to AutoCAD, including an overview of equipment, operating systems and CAD applications. You'll develop professional skills and techniques, like 2D drawing commands, object snap and drawing tools, an introduction to 2½D / 3D concepts and much more. AutoCAD Level 1 is just one in a series of courses created to help you develop computer design skills to begin your career in this dynamic field. *CNT* This course is a great way to help you understand and apply: • The basic terminology of Computer Aided Design; • The principles and operation of AutoCAD; • The drop-down menu, icons and command-line structure; • Techniques involved in the production and presentation of 2D drawings. *APP* In this course, you'll gain real-world knowledge, experience and insights through lectures from an experienced pro who'll show you the ropes. More excitingly, you'll learn through hands-on projects using the very latest software. This course is designed for the students to meet regularly during live synchronous learning in an online virtual classroom (Zoom). *WHO* • Anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of AutoCAD, SolidWorks and CATIA. • Students who want to pursue a job in modeling, 3D modeling, 3D printing, any type of engineering, architecture, drafting, manufacturing, designers, draftspersons, machinists and woodworkers or other related fields. • Students who want to pursue a job in modeling, 3D modeling, 3D printing, any type of engineering, architecture, drafting, manufacturing or other related fields. • Engineering undergraduates and graduate students in Industrial and mechanical specializations.


Best CATIA Training Institute in Delhi

CATIA, which stands for Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application. This is the most widely used and the most powerful CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. Therefore we, APTRON, CATIA Training Institute in Delhi, provide CATIA course in Delhi to the architects, engineers, and designers for having the whole knowledge about this software tool. Because of its effective CATIA course in Delhi, APTRON is now becoming the best CATIA Training Institute in Delhi.

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APTRON is the best IT Software Training Institute in Delhi offers training for computer science, CS/IT, Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, Electrical, MCA, BCA Stu...
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