Best Food For Guppy Fish

Best Food For Guppy Fish

When it comes to guppy fish food, you have a few options. There are homemade guppy foods, and there are commercial foods like TetraMin Tropical Flakes With Biotin. Some people feed their guppies brine shrimp or baby brine shrimp. Regardless of your preferences, a guppy food recipe will make your guppy happy. You can also add a few pieces of vegtable to your food bowl to give it extra flavor.

Homemade guppy food

Besides commercially prepared fish food, you can make your own home-made guppy food by following the instructions below. To make homemade guppy food, you will need a few simple ingredients. These ingredients are good for all ages and can be given to your guppies every few days. You can even purchase guppy food from the nearest fish store. Listed below are the steps you should follow to make your own guppy food.

TetraMin Tropical Flakes With Biotin

Several factors contribute to the quality of guppy food. The first factor is that it contains more nutrients than any other guppy food on the market. This food contains probiotics, which promote good digestion and prevent waste. Moreover, it doesn't degrade water quality or cloud the tank, which is a plus for your guppy. This food also improves health and supports steady growth. It also contains Vitamin C, which builds resistance against diseases and iodide, which is derived from seaweed. Hence, guppy fish love this food, and you should consider it when feeding your guppies.

Baby brine shrimp

If you're trying to choose the best food for your guppy, baby brine shrimp are probably the best option. Not only are these shrimp tasty, but they are also packed with protein and other nutrients. You can purchase brine shrimp eggs and hatch them yourself, or buy them from a pet store. In either case, brine shrimp eggs contain all the essential nutrients for the development of your guppy.

Veggie pallets

If you're a guppy breeder, you've probably been using flake food to fry your guppies. But it doesn't take much to grow a healthy guppie in record time. Instead, use veggie pallets that contain algae, plankton, and spirulina. This combination of nutrients is also beneficial for the health of your guppy's fins.


Guppies are naturally voracious eaters. However, their short digestive tracts make them vulnerable to overfeeding. If you notice that your guppies seem bloated or not leaving any food in the tank, it is best to stop feeding them for the day and try another day. If you've noticed that your guppies seem to be eating constantly, you should try cutting down on the frequency of feeding.

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