Best Free Database Management Software For Windows & Mac

Best Free Database Management Software For Windows & Mac
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29 April 2022

A database refers to an electronic method of storing and organizing data. There are various types of databases, such as relational databases, hierarchical databases, object databases, network databases, graph databases, document databases, ER databases, etc.

Below is a list of the top free database management software for Windows and Mac. You can use these programs to store, manage, and track your data safely.


MySQL returns high performance and helps users build scalable database apps. It is an open-source database and has several editions, such as Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Classic Edition.

For enterprise-grade database services, it offers Oracle MySQL Cloud Service. The database management software follows client-service architecture, and it supports C++, C, Python, Perl, TCL, and Java for client programming. Replication, Unicode, triggers, and full-text search are also supported.

Users can use MySQL for high-volume websites, business-critical systems, and package software. It even works when there’s no network available.

SQL Server or Microsoft SQL

Small businesses to large enterprises can use SQL Server. This database management software will reduce your storage needs by using the improved data compression technique. It also provides Reports and Insights accessible on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Users can use Microsoft SQL on Mac without hassle. You can follow a guide to installing SQL Server on Mac because installing it on Mac isn’t a straightforward process despite its open-source nature. Since Microsoft developed SQL Server for Windows, Mac users will require an additional tool. You can install Docker on your device and then proceed with SQL Server installation.

The database management software can be integrated with Hadoop and other non-relational sources. It uses row-level security, transparent data encryption, dynamic data masking, and robust auditing for compliance and security. Also, it takes care of disaster recovery and high availability.

Therefore, SQL Server is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes as it utilizes a data compression technique that reduces data storage needs.


Oracle provides cloud-based and on-premise solutions for database management. The solutions are ideal for small to large organizations. The software offers cloud infrastructure with flexible configurations. ORacle uses standard data encryption algorithms to assure database security.

Oracle provides several features for app development, such as JDBC and Web Services, Pre-compilers and APIs, SQL language improvements, PL/SQL, etc. It also has features for content management like InterMedia Improvements and Text Improvements. Oracle offers a few features in Grid Management, clustering, Grid Computing, and Server Manageability.

So, Oracle is one of the most popular database management software used by businesses of all sizes.


Firebird is the ideal database solution for developing interoperable apps that work in hybrid and homogeneous environments. It is a relational database management system that is open-source and works perfectly with Windows and Mac.

Firebird features multi-generational architecture and supports OLAP and OLTP apps. This database management software supports stored procedures and triggers. Firebird offers SQL debugging, real-time monitoring, and Audit. It even supports online dump, online backup, and incremental backup for backup and restore.

Firebird is open-source and free for educational and commercial purposes. It offers Windows trusted authentication and supports four architectures like Classic, SuperClassic, Embedded, and SuperServer. The database does not have integration with other databases and temporary tables.


Cubrid has enterprise-grade features, and it is a relational database management software. The software can be used for enterprise software, web apps, online games, and social networking. It is an open-source solution and has features of globalization, high availability, large data optimization, and scalability.

Cubrid supports multi-volume and provides the features of automatic volume expansion. It provides all the functionalities required for web services and supports a total size of databases.

Furthermore, Cubrid offers multiple granularity locking features and online backup. But it does not have a script debugger and cannot be used with Apple systems.


MongoDB follows a document data model and offers users an open-source database solution. The database management software helps build new applications and upgrade the existing ones. It can even be used for real-time analytics, mobile applications, and IoT. Users get a real-time view of their data.

The database management software offers deployment flexibility when it comes to data migrations. It stores data in JSON-like documents and ensures high availability as it is a distributed database. Since it follows a document data model, it is easier to map to the objects in the application code.

MongoDB offers the features of an encrypted storage engine and document validation. It isn’t suitable for apps with complicated transactions.

The bottom line

These are some of the popular and widely used free database management software for Windows and Mac. You need to compare the pros and cons of each of these programs and align them with your business needs to find the right solution.

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