Best Interior Designers in New Delhi with Vision

Best Interior Designers in New Delhi with Vision
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New Delhi, the vibrant capital of India, is a city that blends traditional charm with modern sophistication. This unique amalgamation is reflected not only in its culture and architecture but also in its interior design. The city's leading interior designers bring spaces to life with their innovative visions and impeccable taste. If you're searching for the Best Interior Designers in Delhi for Office or seeking inspiration from the Famous Interior Designers in Delhi, this guide highlights some of the most talented professionals in the field.

Best Interior Designers in New Delhi with Vision

Top Interior Designers Transforming Delhi

1. Gauri Khan Designs

Gauri Khan, a prominent figure in the design world, has made a significant impact with her firm, Gauri Khan Designs. Known for her eclectic and luxurious style, Gauri combines traditional Indian aesthetics with contemporary trends. Her portfolio includes high-end residential projects and commercial spaces, making her one of the Best Interior Designers in Delhi for Office environments. Her ability to infuse elegance into functionality makes her work stand out.

2. Shabnam Gupta

Shabnam Gupta, the founder of The Orange Lane, is celebrated for her vibrant and imaginative designs. She has a knack for transforming mundane spaces into artistic expressions. Her approach is characterized by a bold use of colors, textures, and unique decor elements. Recognized among the Famous Interior Designers in Delhi, Shabnam's projects often feature a playful mix of vintage and modern styles, creating spaces that are both stylish and comfortable.

3. Sunita Kohli

A veteran in the field, Sunita Kohli is renowned for her expertise in restoration and historical design. Her firm, K2India, has been instrumental in preserving the architectural heritage of many historical buildings in Delhi. Sunita's work reflects a deep understanding of cultural nuances and architectural integrity, making her a go-to designer for projects that require a blend of tradition and innovation. Her status as one of the Best Interior Designers in Delhi for Office spaces is evident in her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to create timeless environments.

4. Rajiv Saini

Rajiv Saini's design philosophy is rooted in simplicity and elegance. His firm, Rajiv Saini and Associates, has gained acclaim for its minimalist yet luxurious approach. Rajiv believes in creating spaces that are serene and understated, with a focus on high-quality materials and craftsmanship. His work in corporate settings, including some of the most prestigious offices in Delhi, solidifies his reputation as one of the Best Interior Designers in Delhi for Office designs.

5. Monica Khanna

Monica Khanna is a name synonymous with innovation and creativity in interior design. Her firm, Monica Khanna Designs, is known for creating bespoke interiors that reflect the unique personalities of her clients. Monica's versatility is evident in her diverse portfolio, which includes luxury residences, hospitality projects, and commercial spaces. As one of the Famous Interior Designers in Delhi, her designs are characterized by a harmonious balance of aesthetics and functionality.

6. Lipika Sud

With over two decades of experience, Lipika Sud is a leading figure in the Indian interior design industry. Her firm, Lipika Sud Interiors, specializes in creating elegant and functional spaces that cater to both residential and commercial clients. Lipika's designs are known for their sophistication and practicality, making her a preferred choice for those seeking the Best Interior Designers in Delhi for Office solutions. Her commitment to sustainable design practices also sets her apart in the industry.

7. Payal Kapoor

Payal Kapoor, the creative force behind Visions, is celebrated for her contemporary and innovative designs. Her approach is client-centric, ensuring that each project is tailored to meet specific needs and preferences. Payal's expertise spans across residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors, making her one of the Famous Interior Designers in Delhi. Her ability to blend functionality with style results in spaces that are both beautiful and practical.


Delhi's interior design scene is as diverse and dynamic as the city itself. The Best Interior Designers in New Delhi  and residential projects are those who can seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and reflective of the clients' personalities. The Famous Interior Designers in Delhi mentioned in this guide have set benchmarks in the industry with their innovative visions and exceptional craftsmanship. Whether you're looking to revamp your office or seeking inspiration for your home, these designers offer a wealth of creativity and expertise to transform any space into a work of art.

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