Best knee Braces For Hiking Downhill

Best knee Braces For Hiking Downhill
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Best knee Braces For Hiking Downhill

Outdoor activities are great for staying active-especially during these tiring times. Sports like mountain climbing, racing, and hiking helps in keeping the body healthy. Most of these activities act as cardio exercises. Particularly those that require running or walking on a sloped surface. These activities increase the heart rate, which leads to calorie burn. However, these outdoor activities can lead to a lot of injuries as well. Particularly while hiking, the pressure on the joints, i.e., knee joints, increases ten folds, leading to severe consequences. Therefore, it is highly recommended to wear protective gear such as knee braces. This article intends to elaborate on the benefits of knee braces and curate a list of the Best Knee Braces For Hiking Downhill.

Why consider wearing knee braces?

Many sports, including running, climbing, and cycling, put a lot of pressure on our joints. This can cause pain in the knees and soft tissues. Therefore, knee braces are required to protect your knees while doing extreme activities like hiking. Although people wear knee braces to protect the soft tissues during uphill climbing but to be fair enough, it is downhill hiking that affects the knees the most. 

Hiking downhill exerts more pressure on joints because the compressive forces become three folds more during downhill hiking. That may lead to cartilage disruption. 

Therefore, it is recommended to wear knee braces while hiking downhill. Moreover, consider getting your hands on the Best Knee Braces For hiking to make the hiking experience memorable.

Benefits of knee braces

There are multiple benefits of knee braces. The most recognized use reduces knee pain in our knee joint structure, where a "patella" or "kneecap," a joint compartment moves over the bone grooves with the help of cartilage and attached ligaments. When doing strenuous sports like hiking downhill, a lot of pressure is exerted on our knees. This may lead to ligaments soreness and joint displacement. That consequently leads to severe knee pain that makes it difficult for people to stand and even more difficult for hiking. That is where knee braces come to the rescue by serving the following benefits;

  • Prevents injury: A brace prevents injury by keeping the knee from overextending and compresses the tissue around it.

  • Reduces pain: A knee brace helps relieve pain caused by diseases like Arthritis, Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid arthritis, Swelling, Knee cap slip, and other such disorders.

  • Shifts weight:  A knee brace unloads stress from the affected area and refers the pressure to the thigh, creating better mobility in the knee joint while reducing stiffness

Listing the Best knee braces for hiking downhill

We have shortlisted the best knee brace for hiking downhill in the online market space. Unlike other knee braces, which are designed to help with injury recovery or post-surgery, these knee braces are a great option. In addition, these knee braces can be used to support the knee joint regularly.

All the knee braces mentioned below are among the best knee braces for hiking downhill.

Here is the list;

  1. Bodyprox Knee Brace 

  2. IPOW Knee Strap Brace

  3. NEENCA Professional Knee Brace

  4. MODVEL Knee Compression Sleeve

  5. CAMBIVO Knee Brace

Final Thoughts


It is very much likely that people who train regularly may consider themselves healthy and fit. And doing strenuous exercises or including hiking in their daily workout regime can be common. However, most people are unaware of the many joints in our body deform and displace upon a little over-compression, such as our knee joints. The structure of the knee joints is excellent as the bone glides within the socket and enables us to run, walk, climb and jump. However, it is necessary to take care of the knee joint while doing strenuous exercises by wearing the best knee braces for hiking

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