Best & Unique Instagram Story Ideas for Engagement & Interaction

Best & Unique Instagram Story Ideas for Engagement & Interaction
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Creating unique content is a responsibility you have to think about new ideas which no one else has worked on yet. Or come up with new strategies to promote your content and make it entertaining for your audience. If you are looking for post ideas to share some leveraging and engaging posts with your audience, we are here to help. 

We have made complete research on these ideas and made sure to enlist those post ideas that will be easy to adopt for you. Besides that, you can also find several templates that you can use without any cost. These templates will help you to create amazing posts and engaging videos that will be effective for your brand.

Let’s look at these leveraging post ideas and implement them on your Instagram account:

Here are some ideas for Instagram engagement posts:

  1. Ask a question: Encourage your followers to share their thoughts by asking a question in the caption or in the comments.
  2. Run a poll: Use Instagram’s built-in poll feature to ask your followers to vote on a topic or question.
  3. Host a contest: Run a contest or giveaway to encourage engagement and increase brand awareness.
  4. Share user-generated content: Repost photos or videos from your followers, giving them credit and encouraging them to share more content with you.
  5. Share behind-the-scenes content: Give your followers a peek behind the scenes of your business or product.
  6. Live streaming: Use Instagram live feature to interact with your audience in real-time, answering questions, and taking feedback.
  7. Share a series of photos or videos: Create a series of photos or videos that tell a story or showcase a particular product or service.
  8. Share an informative video: Create a video that educates or informs your audience about a topic related to your business or industry.
  9. Share a quote or quote graphic: Share a quote or quote graphic that resonates with your audience and encourages them to share their thoughts.
  10. Share a challenge: Create a challenge that encourages your followers to participate and share their experiences.

1. Show Behind the Scenes 

People are always curious about the process of making, and how a product is made. So show them behind the scenes of your service or product. You might have noticed that several brand owners and content creators post behind the scenes about their tutorials or product manufacturing. Followers and visitors engage in such posts more than usual and they admire the process. 

2. Post Appealing Product Display

Posting old post ideas and usual videos with previous and same context wouldn’t help. You have to update the Instagram feed with the time. As it’s a visual platform, you need to post content that is visually appealing and can attract the attention of your followers. Adding a human element in your posts with your product will tell a better story. Create attractive videos of your product that appealingly shows its usage. Even in picture posts, you can add animated text, emojis, music, and effects, this will keep your audience engaged as they’ll spend more time on the post. Just like on the reels users spend more time as they keep on scrolling and watching videos longer than simple text posts. If you don’t have enough budget or time you can find free photos from several sources and add them according to your product needs. For a more time-saving process you can buy Instagram views and this will instantly boost the growth of your targeted audience. 

3. Let the Audience Meet Your Team

People want to know who is behind all the struggle and creative ideas of your brand, the audience wants to know the faces. You can share photos of your team members in an engaging video post or show them behind-the-scenes footage. You can hold challenges for your team and ask them to post on their accounts by tagging your brand. You can use editing software and easy-to-use tools to edit videos and customize them according to your need. 

4. Give Tutorials on Your Product

Sometimes using a product without any prior knowledge can be confusing for the audience and they want to know the proper process of using it. You can post videos or photos in which you can describe the ways in proper steps that how you can use the product. Try to add the process in the carousel post or you can also make a simple video on how to use the product. 

5. Post Before and After Pictures

Best & Unique Instagram Story Ideas for Engagement & Interaction

Just like makeup influencers show their productivity on their Instagram account by posting a picture of their model before and after applying makeup. Similarly, you can show your audience the results of your product by posting a picture of your client before and after the usage of your product. You can use a carousel or make a collage using editing tools. 

6. Answer Your FAQs

Through Instagram, you can freely connect with your audience and communicate with them to resolve their issues. This builds a trustworthy relationship between you and your customers, they love to connect with you and share problems regarding your brand. Post a picture including any topic of your brand and ask your audience to ask questions related to it. You can interact with them through comments on the post, this will improve the engagement rate of your account. 

7. Give Your Audience Sneak Peek of Your Work 

If you are going to start a campaign or launch a new product, keep your audience engaged by giving them a sneak peek of your product. Post stories and let them know how much time is left for the launch of the product. You can mention some points that your audience is getting through this campaign or product. In that way, people will remain connected to your account and will anxiously wait for the launch of the product. 

8. Post Packing Videos

You might have seen videos of the packing and unpacking of products, people take interest in such videos. Post simple videos and show your audience how you pack products. This will show your affection towards the brand and how dedicated you are to it. 

9. Ask for a Caption From the Audience

Getting your audience engaged in your post feels difficult sometimes especially when you don’t know their interest. Although you can find their interests using Instagram profile viewer. Well post any fun picture and ask your audience to caption it humorously in the comment section. Your viewers would love to share their views and will write an engaging caption. This improves the engagement of your account. 

10. Post User-Generated Content

People believe more in user-generated content, you can ask your followers to use your brand’s products in their posts. Even some brands organize events and competitions among the audience and urge them to participate. Similarly, you can hold a competition and ask your followers to use your products and win exciting gifts. This will motivate them to work better to win prizes.

Final Thoughts

Thinking of new post content is a real struggle and can sometimes frustrate you. Metaverse is trending these days so you try on trending topics. Well, next time you can choose anyone from these above post ideas. If you feel that creating such posts will not help as it’s just the start of your business on Instagram. Well to resolve this issue you can adopt shortcut ways and concern reliable sources to buy Instagram followers USA. This will instantly boost your traffic and later on, you can work on your online presence and build your organic audience. 

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