Best Water Purifier Under 8000

Aman Seth Aman Seth 10 November
Best Water Purifier Under 8000

As we all know that most diseases take place because of not drinking clean water also our 70% of the body is water

It is very important to clean water before drinking it and we must always drink clean mineral water but because of pollution in most of the cities it is very hard to find clean water and our this problem solved by the water purifier

If you want to buy a water purifier but you can’t decide which one to buy then you’re in the right place because we created a list of best water purifier for under 8000 rupees

In this list, I’m gonna tell you the best 5 water purifier under budget not only that I will also tell you which technology is used in a particular purifier like RO, UV, UF, or TDS and as well as what their meaning and how this technology filter the water

Let’s first talk about, how they clean the water?

Normally water consists of minerals like potassium, magnesium, and chlorine it is very important that these minerals must be in a proper quantity in water for better health of a human body

And we calculate their quantity through TDS meter, for the human body, it is necessary to water must have 300ppm TDS quantity in water for drinking if water has a higher value then 300ppm then water needs to be purified

And also most of the water consists of other impurities like lead, arsenic, etc chemicals because of Industrial wastes

That’s why you must use an RO purifier before drinking the water

Today we majorly use 4 technologies to clean water like

1.           TDS (Totally Dissolved Solids)

2.           RO (Reverse Osmosis)

3.           UV (Ultra Violet)

4.           UF (Ultra Filtration)

Water Purifier Working System In Detail


Suppose if you use a water purifier which has all these 4 technologies then its component will be like this

Step1. Water will go inside the Sediment Filter where large impurities from the water were removed

Step2. Then it goes to Activated Carbon Filter from where organic and other compound was removed from the water

Step3. Then it goes to RO filtration from where through RO filter impurities like metals like Lead, Arsenic, and also bacteria and viruses were removed

And within this filter waters gets split into two parts one part is used to remove impure water and other part goes to the further filtration process

Step4. Then the water goes to UF (Ultra Filteration) where if water still has some impurities then it will remove it

Step5. Then the water goes to the TDS chamber where water retains its minerals

Step6. In this step, if the water still has some viruses or bacteria then it will clean it

Step7. You get pure drinking water.

So coming on our list of best water purifier under 8000


3. Kent Ultra Storage 7 Ltr, UV and UF Water Purifier- Kent RO kent water purifier

Salient Features

1.           Purification by UV + UF

2.           Compact design which takes lesser space for installation

3.           Uses Powerful 11 W UV lamp for the purification process

4.           Computer control with UV fail alarm

5.           Food grade, nonbreakable ABS plastic construction

6.           High purification capacity of 60L/Hr

7.           Disinfect water without changing its taste, odor, and the pH scale

8.           Effectively kills bacteria and viruses

Best Water Purifier Under 8000




2. Konvio Neer Amrit RO + UV + UF + TDS Adjuster Water Purifier- best water purifier under 6000


1. Capable of purifying up-to 3000 TDS because of 80 GDP high flow imported membrane  

2. 1 year of warranty 

3. Storage capacity of 15 liters 

4. 14 Steps water purification 



1. Glitz 7 L UV and UF Water Purifier - best water purifier under 8000


1. 4 stages of water purification UV and UF 

2. 60 LPH Flow Rate, with e-monitoring 

3. Glass tray for holding glass or bottle 

4. 1 Year warranty 

5. Minimum power utilization 



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