Beware of Common mistakes to Avoid When Buying iPhones on wholesale

Beware of Common mistakes to Avoid When Buying iPhones on wholesale
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Apple manufactures many lavished electronic devices. This brand is renowned for developing elegant and feature-dense iPhones and other gadgets. Undoubtedly, iPhones stand out from the rest. Since newly released iPhones are heavy on pockets, the sale and purchase of refurbished iPhones is rising to a greater extent.  The market of buying iPhones in bulk and reselling them is rapidly progressing as thousands of people purchase refurbished iPhones daily. 

All thanks to top-notch features and elegant design, iPhones have become popular. This phone has reached the wish list of nearly everyone. But what is stopping people to buy it? Of course, the hefty price tags restrain people to own their favourite gadgets. For people who cannot afford to buy a new model, refurbished iPhones are a perfect idea. 

Unquestionably, the resale value of iPhones is exceptional. This business proves to be successful and secures high-profit margins. Furthermore, the high demand for used iPhones makes this business stand apart and iPhones sell better than any other brand. 

If you are thinking to buy bulk iPhones and gather a good amount of profit by selling them, then this blog is going to assist you. We are going to highlight some of the common mistakes that you must avoid when buying iPhones wholesale. But first, let’s get an insight into the top wholesale supplier in the USA, 2nd life phones. 

2nd Life Phones

A reputable wholesale supplier is accountable for the success of retail businesses. 2nd life phones is a prominent wholesale supplier that has led businesses to reach new heights. When buying iPhones in bulk, this store ensures to satisfy its customers in every way possible. Moreover, the online marketplace provides the finest quality phones at affordable prices. Their inventory got everything you want and is according to the current trends. You can make a hassle-free purchase at this store and cannot regret buying from them. As 2nd life phones provide everything perfect and ensure a seamless process, you are in safe hands and will never be mistaken at this store.

Common Mistakes To avoid When Buying iPhones on Wholesale

Make sure that you omit the below-enlisted mistakes to enjoy the best experience:

  • Proof of purchase:

The prime mistake that people often make is not asking the seller for proof of original purchase. The major disadvantage of this is that you may become subject to fraud. This may end you up buying stolen iPhones, causing you some serious troubles. Therefore, pay immense importance to this commonest mistake. Always ask the seller for the original receipt or invoice in soft or hard copy so you get an idea that the seller was the first owner and also that the phone is not involved with any kind of theft. 

  • Factory-unlocked phones:

Always buy factory-unlocked iPhones when making a wholesale purchase of bulk iPhones. A locked iPhone requires effort and money to unlock and function properly. If you purchase locked iPhones, they will only function with the carrier it is locked with. It is convenient to provide your customers with unlocked phones. Buy from wholesalers that deliver factory-unlocked phones, so you don’t have to struggle to unlock each phone.

  • Don’t buy phones with broken screens

Minor scratches on used iPhones are fine. But iPhones with damaged screens shall totally be avoided. While buying, inspect if there are any damages on the screen. For example, the appearance of blue dots on the screen clearly indicates a faulty screen. Also, screens that are replaced with duplicate or first-copy substitutes may impose hurdles to the smooth functioning of the phone and can stop working at any time. The purchase of screen-damaged iPhones must be avoided. 

  • Check for functional parts:

There is a high chance that some of the parts of iPhones must not be working or duplicated by unauthorized repairers. Such impairments may affect the usage of the iPhone. When buying, look out for the functioning of the following parts and avoid all those with these malfunctioning parts:

  • Touch
  • Camera
  • Speaker 
  • Microphone
  • SIM tray
  • Ports
  • Battery
  • Choose the right storage capacity:

While low prices of older versions can be captivating, remember that older versions contain lesser storage as compared to newer models. The high-end iPhones currently provide up to 1TB of storage whereas old iPhones can provide as low as 16 GB. So it is preferable to opt for phones with sufficient storage such as 64 GB to cater to everyone’s needs.


In a nutshell, avoiding all these minor mistakes can ensure you a worthwhile purchase. Choosing a renowned wholesaler will automatically combat all the mistakes. Like, 2nd life phones are our favourite store for buying iPhones in bulk. Purchasing from this store will make you forget all these mistakes as 2nd life phones provide perfect phones to please customers. 

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I am a professional writer and blogger. I’m researching and writing about innovation, Health, technology, business, and the latest digital marketing trends. 

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