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The fat man holds a gun in his right hand, like wind and electricity, and stabs the demon emperor in the chest! At the moment of the collapse of the realm, the long hair of the Demon Emperor was broken. He seemed to have no idea that it would be such a result. He was taken aback for a moment, and the huge impact of the collapse of the realm was too great for even the Demon Emperor to bear. His armor was immediately covered with fine cracks! Rogge's gun went like lightning, and in a twinkling of an eye it was about to light the chest of the Demon Emperor, who could not move, but his right hand suddenly stretched, even one point faster than Rogge, and directly inserted into Rogge's chest, holding his heart! And at this time, Rogge's back waist suddenly tightened, was hugged, the momentum can not help but slightly slow down. It was this moment of pause that suddenly added a graceful figure between the Demon Emperor and Rogge! Rogge simply can not stop the gun, he does not want to stop, a moment of delay, the Demon Emperor may restore the ability to act, to avoid his attack, so he instead added the last force on the gun. So before it was time to find out who was coming, Rogge's gun had already broken into her chest! The low,pipe fittings manufacturer, husky moan was so familiar. The gun passed through her chest, broke the armor of the Demon Emperor, and pierced deeply into the body of the Demon Emperor, but when it touched the heart of the Demons, the gun finally ran out of strength and stopped. Adrienne! You How did you end up here? Looking at the flat, gentle, atmospheric face, Rogge's voice began to tremble. Adrienne smiled gently and said,38 needle valve, "I'm a genius among the Demons anyway. There are always some skills you don't know.". Father is the only hope of the demon world. I can't let you kill him. Her voice was as gentle as ever, and she could not see that her chest had been broken by a gun. At this moment, time seems to have frozen. Rogge closed his eyes, and the huge impact made his mind go blank in an instant. How many things, how many things he had to do! But why, but why can't their perfect endings always coexist? Rogue doesn't know. But he knew that Adrienne's life was running out fast, and that, in fact, she was already dead. Perhaps because of the tremendous impact, Rogge's soul suddenly came up with countless very strange and strange ideas. Suddenly he asked Adrienne, "Is that what your face has always looked like?" Adrienne was stunned at first, then smiled and said softly, "Well, I just don't tell you …" …“ Her voice slowly sank, hydraulic fitting supplier ,14 needle valve, becoming more and more ethereal, and in the end, only a few lingering sounds followed the wind of the demon world. Go away. Rogue stared at Adrienne, who seemed to be asleep, and looked back. It was Miro who hugged Rogge from behind. At this moment, Miro will never move again, but his arms are still clasped like iron. Rogue raised his head and looked at the Demon Emperor. The long eyes of the Demon Emperor were also looking at him, and the purple eyes were calm and peaceful, as if nothing had happened. Did you call them back? Rogge asked. No, I don't know what they're going to do. The Demon Emperor replied. He sighed slightly and added, "Even the gods in heaven are not omnipotent. How can I be omniscient and omnipotent?"? Just like now I don't know why Adrienne was here, when.. I didn't think Alice would do that. At this point, the voice of the Demon Emperor, who had always been calm and calm, also had a slight fluctuation. From this fluctuation, Rogge heard a vague pain, which was hidden in the deepest part of his heart and almost forgotten. Rogge stared at the Demon Emperor and said, "You are not the only hope of the Demon World.." He stretched out his hand and pointed to the corpses of the millions of Demon warriors all around the holy peak. "They are the ones," he said. With that, Rogge's gun pierced the heart of the Demon Emperor. The Demon Emperor smiled indifferently, tightened his hand, and crushed Rogue's heart. This blue star battle gun, in this way, solidified four people on the top of the last holy mountain in the demon world. Whether the hope of the Demon World is the Demon Emperor or the dead millions of Demon warriors, the history of the Demon World has come to an end. Heaven and earth are one at the moment. On that day, when Rogge was ambitious to go to the Demon World with Alice, he did not expect the end of this time, and he did not guess right either. The only thing Rogge knew was that it was dark and night had come. The sky will be bright again, and the morning is ahead. There is evening and there is morning. Thank you for your support to Xiaoshuo txt Tiantang. The Sixth Day Redemption This is a green world, quiet and quiet, can not hear a sound. (To read the latest chapter of this book, please visit) The whole world seems to be immersed in water, and the light and soft ripples come and go one by one, refracting the soft light falling from the top into a rainbow of seven colors. In the middle of the water world, a small mass of consciousness is taking shape. Like a baby, it opened its eyes curiously at the moment of gaining its own consciousness. Although the rippling world was a new experience for him, memories returned to his heart bit by bit when he woke up. I don't know how long it took him to finally remember everything. The consciousness in the middle of the blue waves began to expand at an incredible speed, but the world seemed to be endless, and the consciousness expanded rapidly, but it could not contain the whole world. I do not know how long the expansion, consciousness finally touched the limit of this layer of space, after a repeated contest, consciousness found out all the mysteries of this space, so vigorously expanded, breaking through the invisible space constraints. A moment of joy is like an immortal bird reborn from the fire. There is space beyond space. However, consciousness itself is unrestrained,stainless steel needle valve, and its only limitation lies in the invisible brand left by past experience. In this wonderful world, I don't know if time is flowing. The infinitely expanding consciousness finally touched an invisible limitation, and it trembled with some excitement and began to try to deconstruct the new world.

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