Blockchain Development Courses For Beginners: Top 7 Programs to Try

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18 February 2023

Even though the crypto market is currently going through hard times, the demand for blockchain development expertise continues to increase. As the industry matures, analysts expect the blockchain job market in 2023 will continue to stabilize, which means more career opportunities for both advanced and even entry-level engineers. According to market research by Cointelegraph, there are more and more enterprises investing in key developer positions. 

What is more, increasing demand for blockchain dev engineers opens up a vast number of excellent career opportunities for entry-level job seekers. 

So, in this article we’ll explore the key trends in the blockchain development industry for the coming years, and how to start your career in this lucrative and prospective field. 

Major Trends & Concerns in Blockchain Development in 2023 

As the blockchain development industry is becoming more stable, we’re likely to see its progressive increase and evolution over the next decade.  In 2022, the blockchain development market size value reached $10.02 billion, and by 2030 is expected to grow by over $1,431 billion in 2030 at an impressive CAGR of 85.9% (Grand View Research). 

Overall, the development of the market and demand for blockchain developers for 2023 and beyond can be explained by many factors. The most notable of which are:

  • A solid support of blockchain-based initiatives from governments (for instance, the EU’s plan on blockchain infrastructure development)
  • Tremendous increase of blockchain users, which according to analytics could reach nearly 1 billion by 2030 
  • The growing interest in DeFi software solutions
  • Speedy development of the Metaverse and other large-scale blockchain-based concepts.

Of course, since this industry still has a relatively high connection to the crypto world, it still has some challenges to keep in mind. For instance, there are multiple layoff cases in the blockchain development area. However, research on Crypto Jobs has proven that employment growth is not necessarily related to the instability of the crypto industry. 

Similar to any other industry, you need to continually improve your expertise to remain competitive in blockchain development. The more skills you gain, whether it’s a new programming language or blockchain network, the more likely you’ll enhance your career path in this industry. For instance, here’s a good quote on upskilling from CryptoSlate:

“It’s almost like speaking another language. If you’re the guy who speaks Spanish, Chinese, and Indonesian, you’re going to get the job even if you don’t have the experience because they need you.”

Now, let’s take a look at how you can enhance your expertise in blockchain development from being at entry-level to becoming a pro!

Top 7 Blockchain Development Courses for Beginners

If you’ve decided to get into blockchain development, the first thing that comes to mind is where you should start. One of the most accessible and popular options to improve your expertise in this area today is online courses. Among a diverse number of programs, developers can pick the one that ideally works for their learning goals and schedule. 

Below, we’ve covered some of the most trendy blockchain development courses with different expertise, pricing and duration, so you could find the best option to advance your skills. 

#1 “Become a Blockchain Developer” Course by Educative

The course uncovers the basics of blockchain building outlined in a quite accessible form. You’ll learn the core cryptography constructs, like hash functions and PKI encryption. This will allow you to get an overall idea of the blockchain development concept, as well as an understanding of its value. Students can improve their expertise in the Hyperledger Fabric specialty, try to deploy their own network and build their first blockchain app. 

  • Course Type: General Blockchain Development 
  • Good for: Entry-level developers 
  • Program Format & Duration: Text-based courses, est. 6 hours to complete
  • Programming language: Solidity
  • Price: Learners can buy this course alone or get an Educative subscription on their platform for $18 per month. What is more, Educative regularly offers plenty of lucrative discount offers and has a free trial for newcomers

Already interested? Then, visit the program page on Educative for more details! 

#2 Learn Blockchain Development the Smart Way - Course by Cadena

The program by Cadena will be a good fit for learners who want to improve their knowledge of the basics of blockchain and Ethereum development. At the same time, the course is built on the “learn by practice” concept, which means learning theory and improving dev skills in practice. 

While learning, students will pass quizzes and submit projects to reinforce their knowledge. Upon completion of the course, each student earns an NFT certificate for their CV, resume or Linkedin. 

  • Course type: Blockchain & Ethereum, dApp and smart contract development basics
  • Good for: Developers transitioning to Web3
  • Programming language: Solidity
  • Program format: Video + Text-based supporting materials, over 100 hours of content
  • Price: Free of charge! The course access is granted through email

Feel free to visit their website to learn more about Cadena’s free blockchain development course for beginners. 

#3 Ethereum Development Course by Blockgeeks

What makes this course so hot in the blockchain development industry is its versatility. Blockgeeks offers a wide range of topic-specific courses for different expertise levels. Therefore, learners can choose the exact topic they want to learn, no matter if that’s Blockchain 101, dApp development, smart contracts or NFTs. Also, the platform offers lots of pro course workshops for advanced engineers who want to enhance their expertise in more specific Ethereum-based development areas. 

  • Course type: A comprehensive course in Ethereum development
  • Good for: Blockchain development beginners to advanced engineers
  • Programming language: Solidity
  • Program format: Video format
  • Price: The courses feature a free 7-day trial, with the option to upgrade to monthly ($15/mo) or annual ($15/mo) subscriptions, as well as lifetime access ($297)

Explore the wide range of blockchain development course topics from Blockgeeks by visiting the program’s website. 

#4 Ethereum Blockchain Development Course by Dapp World

This free course consists of pre-recorded lectures with a deep emphasis on smart contract development technology. Moreover, smart contracts are also explained from the perspective of dApp development, which is surely a must-have in the area of network development. Along with the lectures, students will be offered 30 exercises to implement their skills through practice.

  • Course type: Ethereum blockchain development
  • Good for: Beginner-level development specialists
  • Programming language: Solidity
  • Program format: Pre-recorded video lectures, est. 8 hours to complete 
  • Price: 100% free, with no enrollment prerequisites

If you’re interested in starting your Ethereum development learning journey with Dapp World, feel free to visit their website for more details!

#5 Solana + Rust Programming Course for Beginners by IdeaSoft Career Booster

While most other Solana-based courses are mainly focused on blockchain development, the CareerBooster platform by IdeaSoft covers both language and networks. While training, developers will be able to revisit the basics of Rust software development and get a better understanding of its practical application. At the same time, the program provides the fundamentals of the Solana network with practical assignments for project development. 

  • Course type: Solana network development (Rust-based)
  • Good for: Beginner-level developers who need to update their Rust and Solana fundamentals
  • Programming language: Rust
  • Program format: Microlearning format courses with complementary interactive quizzes
  • Price: The course is free of changes, and upon completion there is a possibility of receiving a job offer from IdeaSoft or one of its partners!

Learn blockchain development with the Rust and Solana Course by ICB on their site!

#6 Build a Solana + Rust App Course by BuildSpace 

This is another Solana development course that has earned great trust in the blockchain development area. The entire course is structured on the building of a Web3 app, which helps students master both the theoretical material and practical applications of the Solana network. 

  • Course type: Solana network app development (Rust-based)
  • Good for: Beginner to Intermediate-level engineers
  • Programming language: React and Rust
  • Program format: Video courses, 5-10 hours overall involvement 
  • Price: Free of charge, immediate access is granted via email. 

If you’d like to be involved in a project and already have some basic understanding of Rust and React – you can learn more about Rust online with this interactive course from Buildspace. 

#7 NFT Basics Course from Zero to Mastery

This course would be the right fit for engineers interested in NFT development. It explains the 101s with its detailed step-by-step development. In particular, students can explore the role of blockchain networks in building NFTs, as well as the basics of smart contracts. 

  • Course type: Blockchain and Etherum-based NFT development
  • Good for: Beginner-level developers 
  • Program format: Video lectures, 26 lectures containing over 2 hours of media and over 20 bonus resources
  • Price: The program features 3 types of subscription plans, from monthly to annual to lifetime course access. 

Explore the details of the NFT 101 course from ZTM by visiting the program’s official website!

Get Started in Blockchain Development Today!

As you can see, blockchain has gradually transformed from a viral immature trend to a prospective industry in tech development. 

Having discovered the key features of various blockchain dev courses, you can now have a better understanding of which one will be the best fit for your career. 

We hope that this guide will help you improve your skills in the blockchain development industry!

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