Blockchain Technology for Smart Healthcare and Human Health

Blockchain Technology for Smart Healthcare and Human Health

Recently, blockchain technology has attracted a lot of interest from many different industries. The healthcare industry is one that this cutting-edge technology has a lot to offer. Blockchain has the power to completely change the healthcare industry by improving data security, interoperability, and transparency. This article will examine how blockchain technology is being used in smart healthcare and how it affects people’s health.

Understanding Blockchain Technology

It is crucial to comprehend the fundamentals of blockchain technology before delving into its applications in the healthcare industry. Blockchain is fundamentally a distributeddecentralized ledger that keeps track of transactions on several computers. Because of its clear, unchangeable, and secure nature, it is the perfect choice for sectors like healthcare that handle sensitive data.

Applications of Blockchain in Smart Healthcare

  • Secure and Private Medical Records

Safely storing and exchanging medical records is one of the main issues facing the healthcare industry. Patient data may be safely stored and accessed by authorized parties thanks to blockchain technology. Due to blockchain’s decentralized structure, there is less chance of data breaches or illegal access since no one entity has control over the data. Blockchain can also provide people greater control over their medical records, giving them the option to give healthcare providers access only when necessary.

  • Drug Traceability and Supply Chain Management

Counterfeit medications pose a major hazard to patient safety and public health. Blockchain technology can help with this problem by offering an unchangeable, transparent record of a drug’s path from producer to patient. Blockchain guarantees that the medications are real and unaltered by monitoring every stage of the supply chain. This helps promptly detect and recall faulty or expired medications while also enhancing patient safety.
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Source: Blockchain Technology for Smart Healthcare and Human Health
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