Body-to-body Massage: Everything You Need To Know About Nuru Massage

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One of the many massage options that are currently gaining increasing popularity across the world is body-to-body massage. Many people are going for this sensual massage because of the goodies that come with it. For instance, this massage option is effective in reducing stress and relieving pains. In addition, it also helps to address any feelings of depression through the release of serotonin from your brain.

In the rest of this post, you'll discover everything you need to know about body-to-body massage, including why you should trust Tonee The Body Rub Specialist for your massage session.

What exactly is body-to-body massage?

One good example of a body-to-body massage today is the Nuru Massage. This is a full body-to-body tantric massage that involves the use of specially made seaweed-based slippery gel.

Nuru gel is 100% safe for massage. It's tasteless, odorless, and colorless. However, this gel can sometimes be messy during massage sessions. This explains why most specialists often use a uniquely designed inflatable mattress or rubberized mattress protector to contain the mess.

But how exactly does Nuru or body-to-body sensual massage work?

  • As with other massage types, you need to understand that Nuru massage works with two people. The first person is the masseuse while you're the second person.
  • For this massage to work, you'll need to relax your body for the massage specialist to apply the slippery gel.
  • As you relax your body, the Nuru massage specialist will slip and slide all over your body. As the specialist slides over you, they'll rub the sensual areas of your body to create much-needed intimacy.
  • While this "rubbing" process will trigger the sensation of sex, you need to understand that it doesn't lead to real sexual intercourse. Instead, it'll mostly provide you and the masseuse with an erotic experience.

What exactly are the benefits of Nuru massage?

Of course, apart from the erotic experience, there's a lot more to Nuru or body-to-body massage:

  • First, Nuru massage helps to lighten up the mood. To get the best out of your massage session, ensure you only hire a lively specialist, such as Tonee The Body Rub Specialist. The right masseuse will make sure you enjoy a laugh irrespective of what you're going through. As you laugh with the specialist, you'll get to release any tension you may be experiencing and feel more sensual.
  • Another good thing about this full body-to-body massage Is that it's effective in relieving stress. It's pretty simple; as the masseuse rubs and slides over you, oxytocin is released. Interestingly, oxytocin is essential for inducing any anti-stress-like effects you might be experiencing.
  • Proper blood circulation is essential for everyone. With Nuru massage, you can always achieve the perfect circulation of blood within your body. This will help you maintain optimal health.
  • Depression is a mental disorder that has great effects on human health. To address this issue, one effective way you can rely on is Nuru massage. During this body-to-body massage session, you'll release serotonin, which is essential for reducing or eliminating any feeling of depression.
  • Nuru or body-to-body tantric massage helps to release bigger muscles in your body. This can greatly improve your sleep.

Where to find the right Nuru massage specialist?

Today, there are many Nuru massage specialists available out there. Unfortunately, not all these specialists are reliable for achieving the best Nuru experience.

As earlier mentioned, for you to get the best out of your Nuru massage session, you need to hire a lively specialist. Tonee The Body Rub Specialist is one of the most reliable masseuses available out there today.

Miss Tonee won't only make you laugh a day long with the best Nuru massage session. In addition, she can also offer you tons of other in-home services, such as role-play, domestic servitude, and BDSM activities.


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