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Insulation Film Components

Ganapathy Industries produces, distributes, supplies, and exports insulation film parts for the electronic and electrical industries. From very small to extremely powerful electronic equipment, such as heat exchangers, home appliances, cars, generators, computer systems, circuit boards, etc., the different electric isolating components are used to save energy and resources. In essence, every electrical system utilises insulation film components. Two significant aspects that affect the resistivity of the isolation are the degree to which the material is flat and crystalline and the duration of the voltage application.

The insulation film materials are mechanically strong, have a very superior dielectric strength, are devoid of undesired contaminants, and can endure temperatures. They are also capable of withstanding overvoltage. We have a comprehensive selection of isolator material or substance that can meet the most stringent wire insulation, Cable Wrap Films, and transformer requirements.

The in-house-produced film components have undergone testing for their electrical and physical characteristics, including dielectric power, dielectric force, dissipation factor, and other physical characteristics. internally produced. Excellent dielectric qualities are provided by the electric insulating sheets. When combined with insulating papers, these films create a composite with a diverse range of thermal, mechanical, and electrical characteristics.

Ganapathy Manufacturers has established itself as a premier provider of electrical insulation materials through consistent research and innovation, continuous work protecting materials and processes, and major supplying to many major organisations across the nation and internationally. It is the preferred provider of electrical insulation and a major supplier to many big organizations.

Product Aspects

Electrical equipment uses our Flexible Laminates DMD F Class for layer insulation, slot insulation, slot closure, and layer separation. Its high mechanical durability and unique surface characteristics, which include noticeably decreased friction, enable optimised automation production at the client's premises.

Film Insulation Materials

Featuring punching and a unique design as needed by the client manufacturing that is ready for usage in electronics and electrical applications


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