Breaking the Patent Wall of Qualcomm Chips, Apple's Self-Developed Chips will be Mass Produced

Breaking the Patent Wall of Qualcomm Chips, Apple's Self-Developed Chips will be Mass Produced
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Following the A series of chips and the M series chip, Apple's custom-designed 5G chip will be able to think about as well as the market for chips appears to be at the cusp of something revolutionary.

Apple's plan to get rid of Qualcomm is about to be realized. Apple is planning to utilize the TSMC 4nm process to create their custom iPhone 5G baseband chip that could be produced in mass by 2023, as per Nikkei News. Qualcomm has an almost monopoly over Apple's baseband chip market, recently announced that its part of the purchases to manufacture iPhone baseband chips could decrease to 20 percent by 2023.

It is believed that the 4nm process of TSMC has not been used in a commercial product. At the moment Apple's 5G baseband chip is being developed and tested using the 5nm process at TSMC. Apple is working on millimeter-wave and radio frequency components that will be used to complement the modem. Apple is also working on specific power management chips for the modem, as per those who have been in the know.

According to reports, along with Apple's creation of 5G chips, The TSMC process of 4nm will also aid in helping Apple create A-series chips for the next iPhone.

Self-development of chips is a crucial step for Apple to increase its capabilities for hardware integration. Since the year 2019's Qualcomm patent lawsuit, Apple seems to be always trying to rid itself of the Qualcomm monopoly.

Apple's concept chip

(Apple's Concept 5G Modem Chip)

In July of 2019, Apple bought most of Intel's smartphone modems business for $1 billion, showing its commitment to developing its baseband. The press conference of this year Apple's new two chips M1 Pro and M1 Max have boosted the power consumption and performance by utilizing the M1 chip, which was launched in 2020. Apple's goal is to achieve autonomy for chips following "getting free from Intel" and eliminating Qualcomm.

What is it that makes Apple move further and more on the path of self-researching for chips? The chip's architecture is both high-quality performance and low-cost requirements. This is a major reason for Apple to go with self-development for its chips.

In 2015, following the introduction of a completely revamped The MacBook, the brand new MacBook Designer Jony I've completely redesigned items ranging from keyboards, batteries, and motherboards to touchpads, screens antennas as well as interfaces to completely change laptop design and determine the shape of the future of the MacBook.

But Intel's chip, which has been the main reason for Apple's performance, was unable to last. In the five years following its launch, the new MacBook was taken out of Apple's line of products due to the low reviews from users because of its lack of heat dissipation as well as performance. In a world where the energy consumption of a device is more important than it used to be, Intel, which squeezes toothpaste, is unable to be able to meet Apple's performance requirements. and, with the growth of companies like TSMC as well as Samsung Electronics, it is expanding its technology gap to Intel. Apple could have more options to develop its chips.

In addition, Apple doesn't want to be stuck. Following the resolution in the Apple Qualcomm case in the year 2019, Qualcomm still dominates Apple's chip design, and Apple is still using Qualcomm's Snapdragon X60 baseband chip in its latest iPhone 13 series. Making its chips will allow Apple greater control over the integration of its hardware and software functions, and greater control over the price of its components.

If the time for Apple-Intel binding ends, Qualcomm looks set to be able to lose Apple or, more accurately, Apple will choose to "abandon" Qualcomm. It is possible that, following Apple's A and M series chips being released, Apple's 5G chips will allow for more creativity while the chips market appears to be in the process of something completely new.

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