Brief Discussion of Aftermarket Combine Parts And Their Uses

Brief Discussion of Aftermarket Combine Parts And Their Uses

There are several farms in Canada and the United States of America. Private farmers usually maintain the farmlands associated with these farms. These farms usually use modern-day farming techniques. They utilize machinery that simplifies farming significantly. Some businesses are known to sell modern-day farming equipment to their customers. The farming equipment and machinery designed and developed by such businesses are used in better harvesting and quicker and more efficient thrashing of crops. The machinery is also helpful in maximizing crop production and lessening crop damage. 

Aftermarket combine parts designed by modern Concave manufacturing. Businesses include grain handling areas, separator areas, thrashing areas, discharge areas, rotor cones, concaves, raddle chains, rasp bars, drills, combine bearings, belts, chaffers, frames, sieves, discharge bars, and channels. These parts are immensely used in modern-day farming in the USA and other parts of the world. 

Benefits of Using Aftermarket Combine Parts

This section of the blog discusses, in brief, the various benefits of Aftermarket Combine Parts of Concave manufacturing businesses. These are listed as follows:-

Stop Rotor Loss

The designs of the different aftermarket combine parts are such that they facilitate stopping rotor loss. In this context, the combined losses per rotor are roughly 2 to 5 bushels on an acre basis, which monetarily translates into $30,000 per thousand acres. The concave systems designed by popular Concave manufacturers prevent rotor loss significantly.

Boost Profitability

Combine concaves are essential parts of a combine harvester. By utilizing the combine concave feature, a combine harvester can free seeds from the plants, also known as thrashing, and move the freed seeds from the chaff, also known as winnowing. The harvest quality depends on the type of concaves a harvester uses. The concaves that are used in the harvester are used to hold the crop within the thrasher, allowing only grain and little amount of trash to pass through it. The concaves designed by the business in context are known to boost profitability. It helps to enhance the speed of the harvester by 1 to 3 miles per hour. Besides, the machine has 135% more surface area for the thrashing of crops.

Less Damage to the Grains

The concaves that are designed by Concave designing businesses are known to lessen grain damage. This is facilitated by keeping the rotor full. Overall, the concaves designed by the business in context are used for the effective thrashing of the crops and lessens the damage of the grains and maximizes profits.


From the content, it can be understood that the concave system that is designed by the business uses modern-day engineering techniques and standard analyst services to ensure quality performance, maximum profits, and less grain damage. If you are a farmer keen on investing in modern-day concaves for a better farming experience, visit Estes Performance Concaves's website, check the services and parts rendered by the business, and order aftermarket combine parts online.

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