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How to wear a crystal Bracelet

You can wear a crystal bracelet on its own or along with other bracelets to create a variety of effects! Females and males alike are able to wear a crystal bracelet for the benefit of therapeutic crystals.

There's no limit to the number of bracelets you could wear simultaneously. Keep in mind that it's only the particular combination of the crystals, rather than how many different kinds you have on your wrist that counts. Some of our favorite combination of healing crystals include: (1) moonstone and citrine for a relaxing stream of positive energy through the day. (2) the rose quartz as well as unakite for inviting unwavering love and stable relationships.

What Hand Should You Wear the Crystal Bracelet?

Wearing different kinds of crystals could assist you in channeling your thoughts and the energy. If you're a right-handed person, your right hand is that "giving" hand. This signifies the release of energy. Also your left hand can be the "receiving" hand. This is the amount of energy you take in. For left-handed users you will see the opposite.

It is logical to wear a moonstone jewelry piece on your left hand if you're a right-handed person and wish to channel the calm energy in your surroundings to help you relax when you go to bed. It allows you to absorb the soothing energy of the moonstone crystal.

If you are looking to cleanse your body and eliminate negative energy You could put on an emerald bracelet that is made of black onyx to the right hand. The positive energy flowing through, the peaceful energies from the left flush the body. This is known as a positive combination with well functioning energy flow. This combination can be very effective and efficiently coordinated.

How to Clear Crystal Bracelets

Set your crystal bracelets to the side of pure sunlight or in the moonlight for 24 hours for the deep purification .

Remember that there are some types of crystals that do not make the cut to be charged by sunlight. Therefore, it is possible to try moonlight or cleanse with water or Palo Santo wood. Water can be used to clean numerous tumbled-stone bracelets.

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