Cable Wrap Films

It is general known that Ganapathy Industries is one of the most successful companies in the country that manufactures and retails PET film. This success may be attributed to the company's retail location. The films that we have manufactured out of polyethene terephthalate that are pure, opaque, and flexible are a good example of the tremendous knowledge and expertise that we possess. The great strength of these thin films due to their lower weight makes them useful in a variety of applications, including packaging, Electrical Insulation Material. We employ PET polymer, which is of the highest possible quality and is a linear and flexible polyamide resin, in the production process of such things. This allows us to get the best possible results.

The price of polyethene terephthalate films is often greater when compared to the price of other polyimide plastic films; nevertheless, these films provide a number of distinctive qualities that are essential for a range of applications, despite the fact that their costs are typically higher. The PET film has a variety of excellent qualities by their own nature, such as a high tensile strength, resistance to tearing, elongation, durability, and resistance to heat. In addition to that, the film has a lengthy shelf life.

We offer PET films accessible in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and other qualities to cater to the vast range of needs that are presented by end clients. The PET film may be obtained in a single layer form or in a multilayer co-extruded form. Both types are available for purchase. There are a lot of different ways that various PRT films may give the products a lot of different physical characteristics, and there are a lot of different PRT films. This might happen while the PET resin is being polymerized, when chemicals like colour additives or slip modifiers are being added, or even when the manufacturing process itself is being carried out.

Extruding these films may be done with the help of bubbles, or they can be guided in a biaxial manner instead. When oriented in a biaxial direction, it results in a rise in crystallinity as well as enhancements in its warming, adhesion, and gas barrier properties. Additionally, there is an increase in the crystallinity of the material. Additionally, there is an increase in the crystallinity of the material. It is a good replacement that may be used in the application of food and printing sheets, in addition to providing insulation for electrical wires. Terephthalate films are used in a wide number of industries, including but not limited to those that create antimicrobial films, printable films, insulating films, packaging films, security films, protective coating films, and many more.

The Quality Assurance Procedure

We have stringent quality control procedures in place, and our assurance laboratories are stocked with the latest advanced testing equipment because we have a quality-oriented culture that is firmly engrained in our organisation.  As a result, quality is always our primary concern when it comes to the products that we produce.

A wide range of one-of-a-kind PET films are available from Ganapathy Manufacturing. Films like twist films,  high-barrier sintered metal films,  high-matte and high frictional (COF) films, and elevated and high friction films are all included in this category . In a wide range of PET applications, such as food packaging, clothing, industrial lamination, and industrial plastic laminate, the performance of these products is of the highest conceivable quality imaginable. This includes the performance of these goods.

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